Next Major Update - PVP Tournaments...and more!

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Greetings Hologamers,

Today we are announcing our next major update, PVP Tournaments! This update will be launching in stages over the next two weeks.

PVP Tournaments will have players battling each other to climb the ranks for prizes that are only available during a tournament. Each tournament will only run for a limited number of days, so be sure to get your best PVP squad ready to battle it out!

What can you do to prepare? Broaden your collection, buff up your characters, and hone your strategies!

The tournaments feature will only be available for players level 30 and higher. Stay tuned for additional information on this update next week.

And one more thing: in addition to this update, the development team has already been hard at work on our biggest update yet which will feature (wait for it)…

Ships! *drops mic*

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