Bariss ignoring healing immunity

Is anyone else noticing that she is healing characters despite heal immunity? Especially in Galactic wars and PVP. It happens so often I am swearing off PvP and Galactic wars for time being out of sheer frustration. Hard to beat when the game mechanics don't follow specified path as designed. I mean the to 100 in PVP is Bariss on my server and for good reason. Buggy as #@*!


  • Am I wrong when a character has heal immunity above them and she does her heal that that particular character should not heal? Sometimes the immunity works(rarely) Confusing.
  • Part of her 'heal' is a sort of averaging of all party health (then a % heal to top off). This part is not effected by healing immunity.
  • I've posted this elsewhere in the forums already but copy + pasting it here again.

    There's 2 parts to her heal. First part is that she "equalises health" of all her allies and then second part is she heals an additional % on top of that.

    The heal immunity stops the second part of the heal but it's the first part that still goes through.

    When Barriss is the only team member standing and she has a healing immunity debuff on her, her heal does nothing at all. This makes sense to me because a) she doesn't have anyone else left in her team to "equalise" her health with, and b) she has a heal immunity debuff that stops the second part of her heal.

    This leads me to believe that the skill itself is not bugged and working as intended, but apparently the devs for this game are discussing this internally to decide whether or not that's the case.
  • In paying close attention I can see what your saying and its hard to tell which it is. Love the game so far and ofcourse there are always bugs in the system to be worked out. Thank you for the information.
  • To me it does seem as though you are 100% correct. Watching her every move and what she done a few more times it appears that she does in fact "equalize" their health vs ignoring the heal immunity.
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