Next Major Update - PVP Tournaments...and more! ***MEGATHREAD***


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    I hope ships will just be a separate "collecting" type mode where you don't really need to compete. I'm thinking PvP tournaments means live 1v1 play but we'll see.
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    Now for ships... pure speculation at this point, but I'm willing to bet that you have to buy ships, and then get parts for them... if that's true, then most likely you will need credits to buy them... there may be an option to buy with crystals, but it's doubtful that a ship will be a mandatory crystal investment... that would be too blatant of a cash grab and could cripple the game... so, assuming it's primarily credits (1m for the cheapest and 25-50m for the Falcon or a star destroyer) your priority should be hoarding credits... the best way to do that is with a good scoundrel team... if you have one you are gtg... just stop spending beyond essentials... if you do not... well, you're a bad because you should have done that the day the first credit heist was announced... that's just basic strategic planning... but anyway, get your scoundrels, hoard your credits and wait to buy Slave 1.

    As for the game play, they said it is their biggest update every so it's not just an added layer to already existing game play, it's another branch entirely... so likely ship to ship combat... which may be 1 on 1 or may be 3 on 3 or 5 on 5... if it's the latter 2, they will likely give some free weak ships (like they gave us a Jawa, JC and Chewie) but you will need multiple ships... all the more reason to have scoundrels and hoard credits.

    Or maybe we're going to have "Ship Battles" that give you ship shards :)
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    Oh, and other people have made the connection between HoDA PvP and the ship introduction. Because in HoDA, you have a "large" character slot along with 4 other regular slots. Ships would be the "large" slot on your team.
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    Umm. All valid desires, but I have 2 words. Millennium Falcon

    I got 2 better words: Death Star

    But pls fix the exhaust port exploit :)

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  • im not looking forward to ships at all, dont need yet another whole new world of painful grinding especially after they just introduced and nearly broke the game with mods
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    So.... Ig-2000, hounds tooth, slave 1, the punishing one, x wing, y wing, a wing, b wing, tie, tie interceptor, tie 1-x, headhunters, mist hunter, falcon, tie punisher, tie bomber, tie defender (my favorite), tie striker, tie phantom... the possibilities are endless.

    Tie Advanced (Vader's), Ghost, Outrider... And the new TFA version of the X-Wing. More to add. As well as the ARC-170 and Clone Wars vintage.

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  • you can bet your butt that the box next to mod shipments will be ship-ments where they will sell you turrets, r-units, thrustsers etc for crustals and credits
  • Cant help if this another gear grind, though honestly i wont mind leveling from 0-80 100 times.
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  • I had some ideas I posted WAYYYY back in April in this thread:

    But I think making it live PvP would be a smash hit. Each tournament round could earn your "tourney currency" that could be used to buy a new exclusive character or high-end gear (similar to guild store). I also proposed that doing 3 rounds of 5v5 would be the most fair way to regulate the tournament. You blindly pick 5 toons and your opponent blindly picks 5 toons (this would also differentiate it from arena battles) and you fight round 1. Round 2 would force you to use 5 different characters. First person to win 2 rounds moves on to next round. In between rounds, I also highlighted in my original April post how using the flex-tourney style (like used in FIFA and some other EA games) would expedite the tourney process (assuming it's PvP). This wouldn't lock you in to a set group of 16 players, but rather would let the game auto match you to a person looking for a 2nd round match or whatever round you're in. Just some ideas--always fun to speculate :smiley:

    Sounds interesting. You forgot to add that these live tournaments only happen when I am at work and will not be able to participate. :D

  • Just some word isnt really appealing, at least put some pic and tease us teeease uuuus
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  • If the tournament is live pvp, the devs need to nerf the Jawa engineer special that gives 40% TM to droids... there will be nothing balanced about giving a Droid team 8 turns in a row at the start. At least in arena there's the dumb ai... though now that I think about it, nerf that ability either way. I suggest a 40% chance of TM gain for droids or a 40% chance of 100% TM for the engineer. I don't like the idea of suggesting nerfs as a general rule, but that is one that desperately needs to happen.
  • DoomeyEyes wrote: »
    If the tournament is live pvp, the devs need to nerf the Jawa engineer special that gives 40% TM to droids... there will be nothing balanced about giving a Droid team 8 turns in a row at the start. At least in arena there's the dumb ai... though now that I think about it, nerf that ability either way. I suggest a 40% chance of TM gain for droids or a 40% chance of 100% TM for the engineer. I don't like the idea of suggesting nerfs as a general rule, but that is one that desperately needs to happen.

    Turn meter is broken as assisst call/dodge/protection..../speed(powe creep toon not included)
    Imho doubted it will live pvp, server will super busy and possibly lead to 2nd great server downtime, i think it will just like arena only has smaller shard and use some sort of restriction
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  • djvita wrote: »
    i wonder if it will be like the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3d worlds

    like this

    That would require skill though. It will undoubtedly be based on some RNG roll of the dice stuff like everything else in the game.
  • I would reckon that any and all pilots will be tied in with ships. Boba Fett - Slave One. Han and Chewie - Falcon, and so on. And they will all probably need to be seven starred to unlock their relevant ships.
  • Fix teebo
  • I honestly hope ships have more strategy involved in playing them. They are probably crewed by one of your other toons for boosts. Hopefully whatever we use to grind for them is a separate currency.

    $200 for an X-Wing.
    $300 for a Y-Wing.
    $450 for the "Wing Bundle Pack"

    $750 for the Millennium Falcon.
    $1250 for a Star Destroyer.
    $5000 for one half of the Death Star (installation not included).

    Currency won't be crystals. It'll probably be a wire transfer.
  • Currently, SWGoH doesn't have true PVP; to be player versus player it has to be... well, a player versus a player and NOT a player versus a compluter using a player's squad.

    Anytime you face an A.I. opponent, it properly referred to as player versus environment (PVE).

    Soooo, before anyone trashes PVP tournaments being the same thing as Arena, keep in mind 1.) it's not, 2.) you dont understand the terms you are using (so stop), and 3.) just give it a chance already.

    Also, whoever says "work on blah blah blah before you release blah blah blah" probably has no knowledge about how a software/game development team functions. 99% of the time, what gets developed when is dictated by external forces which the developer team has little or no control.

    Consider this; coding the new raid likely took hundreds of hours of programming. The developers who wrote this program were hired by EA/CG so people would play the game and spend money. No new raid means no money as planned, just wasted labor hours writing code that doesn't work. No money and wasted labor means an unhappy boss. The repercussions of an unhappy boss are obvious.

    Everyone wants the new raid to happen. There isn't any reason for anyone to hold it back unless it were absolutely necessary. If it were a matter of "oh hey guys let's work on the new raid today", I am sure they would do it. But it isn't like that. Just be happy new stuff is coming (and enjoy it).

    boom goes the dynamite. +1

  • Still, sounds interesting. They apparently had something like this planned for Uprising..but, alas..
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    great, cant wait for pvp arenas and ships, only thing im concerned about is, all of us goes nuts and start maxing all possible pilot toons, and when update is released, the ships come already with pilots in them, example luke in his x-wing, solo the falcon and boba his thingy, lol. would be huge time and energy drain for nothing, plus would the ships just be items we buy via credits or will they be like the toons, shards we farm that has to be maxed out 7* same as the toons. just a thought.
  • Because they said 'have a deep roster', I think PvP will be themed tournaments.

    I just hope ships and PvP remain turn-based, because the last thing I want for this game is having reflexes and reaction time as requirements.
  • Is the Death Star going to be a ship? LOL

    Yes, but if opponent uses x-wing with Luke, the death star gets ohko
  • Ultra wrote: »
    They are still tuning and making the raid perfect

    EDIT: people always complained that devs don't test releases (see initial release of mods) and now they are taking the time and effort to do so

    Please. Don't speak of the release of mods like that... it brings back frustration and reminds me that I almost quit this game.
    Sorry that was a side note, I'm excited to see what the rewards will be of this pvp tourney. Crystals? Probably. Gear? Credits? Shards? I don't know but it'll be fun.
    But to me ships doesn't seem like it's really where I was hoping to go with the game (I'm still developing a true roster of my favorite characters) but I've had suspicions because of the holo table near the hutt. I hope it doesn't become a major aspect and more like a mini game that you can always do with no cooldown and get mediocre rewards
  • Please don't make us need the pilots to do this!!!
  • War
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    Stop suggesting pilots be tied to ships or for them to be a lesser part of the game. Having pilots should not give you a head start when ships get released, Wiggs is the current meta so having pilots tied to ships would let all the top arena players be top of ship arena day one as well. Everyone needs to start with whatever few ships they give us and then have to get shards for the rest of them.

    And as far as it being just a mini game or some other lesser part of the game for whatever reason like; you don't want to have to spend more time/money on the game, or don't like space battles in general so you don't want it to have a big impact. Well you don't have to play it, I'm sure it will be its own thing with its own rewards and probably won't be part of the dailies, except that it will probably use cantina energy, the yellow I would guess, and that using it for ship battles would count towards dailies.

    So you can play it or choose to ignore it, but don't wish for it to be minor part of the game with little rewards to it. Just because it's not something your looking forward to or even interested in, doesn't mean others like myself aren't. I know I'm going to be diverting all my resources into ships so if EA wants my money, they're going to need ships to be a second game within the game, with a huge roster of ships for me to open my wallet and spend some real money on.
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    Tanuki wrote: »
    Please don't make us need the pilots to do this!!!

    YES! +1
  • I'm interested to see how ships get implemented. I'm imagining it'll be basically the same as light side/dark side, with its own energy and set of characters.... But I'm not a very imaginative person :P What really excites me, though? MORE ACHIEVEMENTS FOR MORE VADER SHARDS!

    I know a thing or two about the tournament because I was one of the lucky Bay Area folks who get to do the product test and feedback. I happily signed an NDA, so I won't say anything that'll get me in trouble--besides, they might have made changes based on player feedback. I'll just say that I was excited for it based on the 30 minute session I had.
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  • as many said will prolly be like HODA.

    different themes will get different buffs, like

    light side +50% health, darkside +50% dmg, also rebel vs resistance, scoundrel etc.

    may have class bonuses, tanks +100% prot, dps, +100% dmg.
    spd, def, off, crit are all free game.

    they also at one point did tier, so tier 1 toons get 10,000% bonus, vs t7, 100% etc.

    will certainly have easter egg bonuses where 1 specific toon gets an insane bonus, like +1000% dmg.
  • what is HODA?
  • heroes of Dragon age, CGS last (I think) developed mobile game
  • talking to guildmates and seeing the old datamined info it will be the same battle mechanic as today just using ships
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