GW and leveling up Question

I am on the verge of getting Luminara Undali to a 6 star player. She will, however, be my only six star player. So my question is should I promote her? I am afraid that if I do it will affect my ability to win GW.

Right now I win it pretty much every time, and I want to keep it that way so I can keep leveling up.


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    I have her and a couple others at 7*. I end up using her as leader in later rounds of gw because of heal leader ability. The 2 turn extra heal doesn't hurt either.
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    Yes, you should be much more balanced than that
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    thanks Memphis, I should mention that I have chewy, Talia, and Savage Opress as five stars as well. Jedi Counselor is on the verge of being a five star as is Captain Phasma. I have a slew of four star players.
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