High Ranking Low Power in Arena

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I just bumped my rank in the arena from about 2600 to 2400ish just by randomly coming across a Mol Eliza at that rank fielding a team with about 1500 power.

I mean I'm totally grateful for the easy jump but I can't tell if this person has just fielded a bad team to aid another account or is hacking somehow.

Any thoughts?
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    Also now I'm way out of my depth and can't beat anyone I'm matched with haha!
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    There were a lot of hacks early on I think that allowed some people to bounce up using low power teams. I believe they've been resolved as I haven't seen those teams for a long time but I'm sure their accounts are still ticking back down the list.

    I used to see a lot of super low teams mixed in with uber teams when I first started. Even the top ranks were like that. Now, it's not like that.
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    Well I'm around 17k power, but yesterday I was #206 by beating teams that had 20k power. Due to the AI being stupid you can actually climb with a low power team
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