looking for shard mates: @KayKRABI @Dempsey Wan Kanobe @NSC Danube, MTF Xanister

others include; the 13thDoctor, MTF Rodsquad11, Damon Bark, and TS Mike Zun


  • looking to coordinate the top payouts with payout times. hoping there are other like minded ppl on this server willing to help each other out. I am on line chat as well, ID is scruffmcgruff.
  • anyone?
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  • beep
  • Hi, I'm San Holo from the same server. Those guys are hard to beat aren't they? Haha.
  • some of them are, I get down to below 20 but they knock me back pretty quick
  • I've been lucky and got to top 5, only to get kicked out of it minutes before my payout. And got beat down to 50+ overnight. I think our server is quite, brutal. Haha.
  • the lowest ive ever got was 7, but same as you did not last long at all
  • You guys ever hear from anyone else? I know a bunch of arenas have line chat and stuff and I've always been too lazy to look.
  • Hi guys - I'm on your shard. It's Brown
  • RuFiOHHHHH your latest team is so annoying to beat with my GK lead team!
  • Glad to hear it! Seems like nobody else loves Zarriss anymore. It's the only zeta that works for me since I have just about 0 speed mods.
  • Hey guys, I'm on the same shard. I guess no one else from the shard has coordinated anything? That's too bad - I'd love to get some idea of what payout time everyone is on. I'm EST, and sometimes I feel like I'm battling for a spot with people who have a totally different payout
  • Jtn18
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    I'm in your shard too guys. I try not to snipe anyone and try not to battle until it gets closer to my payout. I don't mind coordinating with everyone but I have a feeling that rufiohhhhh and rodsquad are my same payout since we always seem to fighting at the same time so not sure how much that will help us.
  • JTN - yeah it feels like a bunch of us are at the same payout time unfortunately. I am not positive who but Mike Zun seems active at the same time, 13th doctor...

    Grubluck - hopefully not me messing you up. I try not to get active up until an hour or two before payout. Besides, I think you are still running Zader which is just about my least favorite.

    You guys want to try setting up a line or something?
  • I think mike zun's payout is earlier but he will still battle sometimes after his payout. He usually makes his move to the top right around 6pm est for the payout I think. I don't mind setting something up if you guys want. You can find me on LINE: jtn18 or discord: jtn18 Δ ༩#1139
  • Alright I'll set one up. Anyone who is interested I am Rufiohhhh (4 h's) on Line.
  • I had lost hope on this and haven't checked in forever. @RuFiOHHHHH , tried to search for you on LINE but tells me user not found, would love to get a shardmate group set up.
  • @RuFiOHHHHH @Jtn18 @Grubluck @Brown89 @scruffmcgruff what's going on, guys? Just read this thread again. Glad we found each other. So you guys set up a group chat already?

    Oh btw. I'm San Holo, my payout is at UTC+7/11.00 UTC.
  • Brown89
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    I'm on line. Brown6 is my user id
  • Hey- this is my shard as well, Kodaboda. Lately it's all I can do to stay in the top 50 but I was able to hang in the top twenty for a few months before everyone got Kenobi. Now I'm focusing on helping my guild beat HAAT at the expense of my arena team. If the shard has a group chat I'd be down. And, as someone said earlier, I think our shard is particularly tough. Lots of dudes in my guild have higher ranks with weaker teams that would be lucky to crack our top 50 I think.
  • Oh, my payout is 7:0 pm pST. San Holo, you're the team I was trying to copy until you added Nihlus. I don't have him geared yet.
  • cfeedback here. Lately I'm barely able to stay in the top 20 but maybe I'll be back in the high life again someday. Pacific time zone, LINE id also cfeedback
  • Hello gents. This is the13thDoctor. I just did a search of my screen name and discovered this thread. I'm a central time payout. Lately, I have been trying to avoid falling mid day but generally try to only hit people after their payout or way in advance of their payout. I'm all for trying to coordinate hitting so as many people as possible get good payouts. Zero is cst as is desmuri morte. Ptolomei also sometimes goes for the top slot during cst. but might have a different payout. I can be reached on Line at the13thDoctor.
  • Correction - my line is is bsmith5025
  • valgus
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    Valgus here. My payout is 7:00 pm PST. I'm definitely in to try and coordinate a little. My Line id is Valgus.
  • Evening Gents/Droids - Desmuri Morte here. Glad to see you all.
  • Hello everyone, I am ZERO I made this account and after so much time I found them. Sorry for my english I'm using google haha translator, download the application line to coordinate look for me please. I have whatsapp and telegram too +5218661642394
  • My line id is zeroswgoh @Desmuri @Chewychuck It is urgent to coordinate :(
  • SkyeWolf
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    Hi everyone. Is there a line shard chat out there somewhere?
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