Why is it easier to get JC to gear level 8?

Sorry for the "noob-ish" question, but there seems to be level restrictions (63?) preventing me to get my Lumi and Dark Sid to gear 8 but my JC is already 8 and i'm currently level 56. Is there certain characters that can gear up faster than others? If so what determines which characters are able to do this?


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    JC is kind of the 'gimme' character of the game. You start with him. He's farmable everywhere.

    He's as close to the 'player character' you can get. He's meant to be the starter and always there kinda guy available to everyone from F2P and P2P equally.
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    Ah ok, that makes sense. In that case are there any other characters that also have this trait?
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    Toons with gears that are easier to equip give you less on the long run since the requirements are low he will be at a Lower power level then others , read what his gear boosts versus the harder toons to gear and you'll see the difference.
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