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I'd like to see an option to lock a complete mod set together. I like to use some characters in different facets of the game, for example in raids and arena. The mods used in in one may not be optimal for the other, however. But when removing mods, especially as one's inventory grows, they can become lost in the shuffle. Locking an entire set together may help with that. We could have an offensive set, defensive set, raid set, etc. It would also be a benefit to be able to label each set as such. For example, Rex Raid Set, Rex Arena Set, etc. Or locked sets could stay in each character's separate inventory. Heck, even just having separate storage space for each character would minimize the effort in switching them out.
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  • Yes, please! We really need a quality of life improvement for managing mods! Particularly with the Tank raid, it's become very frustrating! Before, I had my rancor raid team and my arena team modded, and the only switching between the two was a couple potency mods for QGJ while raiding swapped for health mods during arena. Now, in addition to those teams, I need to mod my jawas, jedis, droids, and rebels for attacking the tank, and you better believe i don't have anywhere near the 150 mods of the correct set, shape, and stat for all those teams.
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  • Can we pls revisit this? Between HAAT/Rancor raids and arena/GW there are so many facets of the game. We need ability to lock mod sets together and transfer to toons. Thanks!!
  • Please! This would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!
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