Anybody Have a "Localization Error" Final Solution?

I can't keep this game on my phone storage (plenty of room on my SD card) but every time I move it I have to uninstall, restart my phone, and reinstall, then watch as the app becomes a lil piggie and devour memory. Can I please get a fix?

If I have to uninstall the game one more time, I may not reinstall. I am so frustrated. So much energy lost.


  • Make room on your phone. Its common knowlage that the game runs raggid from SD cards.
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    Never had a problem before the update. This is the point of having an SD card, so I don't have to make room. Forgot to mention I'm running Android 5.1.1 so I don't have 6's awesome storage system.

    Anyone else?
  • Never had a problem before the update.

    You have a problem now. You are in a long line of players with SD card problems.

    Move other data/apps to the SD card and install the game on your phone.

    You came to the forum for a fix, I handed it to you on a platter. Go fix it.
  • That's not a fix, that's sweeping the problem under the rug. The app should still be able to reside on my SD card. There's no requirement that it be on the phone (I do have apps like that). Please stop trolling.

    @CG_Kozispoon , any advice? Sorry for posting to Gen Discussion, but nothing in the Bugs and Issues threads helped.
  • Trolling. OK, if you say so. You will get the same answer from the Dev team. They don't work to update games for old phones so either take my advice, or, purchase a phone that can handle the game or (rage) quit.

    Choice is yours . I could not care less.
  • What version of android?
  • As @Azraelrulez says - the only way i got my game working was to delete the game data. In fact, I went even further and deleted the entire game, deleted a load of other files I wasn't using (even though I had 5gb free anyway), and then reinstalled. It now seems to work.

    So I would suggest:
    - delete game data and cache
    - make some extra space on your phone (even if there should be lots free already)
    - then reinstall the game

    You may be lucky and get away with just the first step.
  • I had the same problem after the update... What I did was I moved the app to the phone from the SD card. Then I removed the SD card from the phone and started the game up.. The game loaded fine and now works..

    After I was done playing I just put the SD card back in to the phone, moved the game BACK to the SD card and proceeded to play as normal. Haven't had a problem since.
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    Thank you guys. @LinkyTriforce , I'll have to try removing the SD card. That's the only step I hadn't tried. Uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling works until I move it back to my SD card, then next login, same message. I'll have to let you guys know if removing the SD card permanently works. Thanks again, guys!
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  • Seems to be working fine for now, even on SD card. Thanks again Linky, you're a lifesaver!
  • UPDATE: after restarting the phone for an unrelated reason, the Localization Error returned. This time, I tried a step-by-step trial-and-error troubleshoot to see if I could nail down the fewest steps to a solution. Uninstalling the app is not required. Apparently, I'll have to do this every time I need to restart the phone for any reason, as the game app seems to forget how to read its location when the phone's memory is rebooted:

    Move game to phone memory
    Unmount SD card
    Physically remove card
    Turn off phone (not restart)
    While off, reinsert card
    Turn on phone (card automatically remounts)
    Move game back to card
    Play away!

    Clearly this is an issue with the app update and not my device. @CG_Kozispoon , ANYBODY, can we please get some feedback as to whether or not this issue is still being addressed, or are we going to have to wait until the next update and cross our fingers?
  • Why do you insist on making this so difficult for yourself? Just stop moving the game back onto your SD card. Problem solved. It's not rocket science.
  • +1

    I run the APP on Android 4.4.x and it runs great
    On my Android 6 it runs great too

    There can be more problems if you love it difficult:
    Your SD Card does problems -> new one
    Your phone has a storage Problem -> delete data you dont need
    Other apps can be a Problem - delete all apps you dont need
    Nothings gonna work -> phone reset and you will have no more problems

    Use the smart way out of your Problem and lat the game on your phone where it has to be and stay! You said it: you dont use Android 6 to manage these storage things....leave it...
  • Sigh... Forum trolls...

    "It worked before update but now not? It your phone and stuff. You need new phone."

    "Game worked on SD card but now not? Don't use dat, use phone and delete stuff."

    "Mohamed want go to mountain? Go get mountain and bring to Mohamed."

    "Hi, me whale. Oops, broke ma taillight. I go buy new car."

    I don't know why I'm replying to you... people (censoring myself)... but if the app was intended to work on a perfectly good SD card on a perfectly good and not completely obsolete phone, the problem isn't the phone or the card. I simply want the app to operate as it is intended to. I have plenty of phone/card memory, so that's not the point. Anyway, I don't even know why i bothered to write this. "Troll bait, get yer troll bait here..."
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