Couple noobish questions.

First off, how is my lead hero set? Who do my allies use off me?

Secondly, what team defends for me in arena? The same one I attack with?



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    In Arena and any other game mode the first character that is selected is the leader , the defending team is the last team you used for arena. You can't tell if your allies used your leader or not I think they are supposed to fix that at some point.
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    1) it's apparently the last leader you ran that appears to your allies. If you run Bariss in LS PvE, that's who appears if you run Vader in a DS PvE mission, then it's Vader. BTW the ally thing is somewhat broken, you don't get the tokens it says you do when someone uses one of your toons.

    2)Yes, some guys will use an attack team to climb the arena ranks then switch it up for the last battle for a defensive one. Personally, I've never bothered, I never get knocked down lower than about 15-20 and I can always climb back into top 5, finished first again today with no crystal refresh of arena battles.
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    Outstanding guys, thanks for that.
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    Oh one more thing...anyone else find targeting at times problematic?

    I cant change targets sometimes (they are not taunting) it seems most common when there are two targets left...usually when they are close to one another.

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    @Gregor That's another known bug that the devs noticed and once again hope they fix it soon.
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    Thanks again Kev.
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