Equalize Working to design?

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First post here.
Just had an arena fight where it looked like equalize was not working as intended or as I expected it to do. The enemy team used equalize. Scenario:
  • 4 characters around 85% - all characters had just taken a Sid AOE.
  • 1 possibly 10% left.
  • Barriss used equalize.
  • All enemies gains 6555 health.

This would put the formula for each character at:

Amount to Add = (Total character alive health pool / characters alive) + (bariss max health * .785)

From the description I would expect a two stage determination of:
  1. Determine an initial equalize (where everyone gets set to the same hp)
    (Total character alive health pool / characters alive)
  2. Loop through each character and add 12.5% of their max health AFTER Leader bonus (to allow, for example, Luminara leader bonus to get taken into effect).

Has anyone else seen this or am I just making this up? To add to this; I won the arena fight so this is not a rage post. I do not have Bariss nor am jealous of those who do have. I just want to understand this mechanic.
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