Looking to Fill 10-15 Spots!! Merger Welcome!

Join our network of heroic guilds and you'll be doing a minimum of 3 Heroic T7 raids every week! The rewards are incomparable to Tier 5 & 6 regardless of what place you come in...not to mention the Han Solo shards ;)

We have a system in place that guarantees great rewards as long as you have at least one 7* toon.

Do you want to be prepared for the NEW RAID that's coming soon?? We are!! Our knowledge base has us ahead of the curve for what's coming to the game!

Mergers are welcome. I can accommodate many, few, a couple, or one. Bring your entire guild and it will be added to the network. You'll never be doing anything less than heroic ever again. This IS the opportunity that you're looking for. It was everything that I could have ever hoped for when I joined. I brought my entire guild into the network. The knowledge shared between everyone is priceless. 180+ members in our network and growing.
The only requirements are as follows:
  1. Players have one 7* character. It's necessary to participate in heroic raids and get the rewards
  2. Players do their 600 daily contribution. That is how the raids are paid for. We have a proven system that even f2p can use to get their 600.
  3. Players have and use the LINE App. This is what we use to communicate. It's absolutely necessary during raids.

Let me know if you're interested and I can provide more details. Contact me on LINE only please.

Find me on LINE - ID= lord_wolfe
Check out my swgoh.gg profile DISCORD = L0RD W0LFE#2537 LINE ID = lord_wolfe
"Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends." - Lord Vader

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