So now that my fun meter has been pegged on the tournaments, any new info on ships?
Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!


  • Do you really think its getting better with the ships? :D I dont want more content. I was healed.
  • Hey I found this mic that someone dropped. I have a special place to put it....
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
  • I think that ship has sailed.... (the one with the mics on it)
  • Yeah i used to get excited about major updates in the old days. Now I dread them... full of disappointment and asscoiated incoherent ranting from lots of us.

    Every update is seemingly driven towards squeezing money from the cash cow. What's wrong with simple? I was happy with simple it's like some guy trying to sell you a TV

    <Punter> oh hey id like to buy a TV to you know watch Stuff, this one looks good

    <Salesman> Well youre not gonna be happy with that one, here's one with a butt load of apps and buttons and plug ins to make it a super special experience, look it also has that sticker (+ultra extreme pro tech visionary official stamp of approval)

    <punter> Erm OK does still play Sports channel though?

    <salesman> Erm well yeah but look at all this extra cool stuff and that sticker tells you it's the mutts nuts ... And its yurs for and extra 1000

    <punter> well only if your sure

    <salesman> sure? I'm so sure I'll bet you your wife

    <punter> what was that?

    <salesman> I said I'm so sure I'll bet you your life... Look you can get it today with this one time super duper special offer... You get a free "mug" t shirt

    <Punter> oh sweet I'm in

    Later that day he turns on the TV ... Requires fibre broadband to play it ...WHAT!?! I only wanted to watch TV
  • lol kingpin - Zactly!!
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
  • Yeah ships will be no different. We know from the mined data that ships are a 'unit' much like characters. Ship will have their own star level, training droids for leveling, abilities, gear, everything. It's going to be the same old grind all over again and I'm sure it will be a cash grab like anything else. It's unclear how they are going to play into other aspects of the game, like if you can use them in arena.. we will have to wait and see about that part.
  • They said stuff would be released over two weeks so my guess is maybe next week?
  • So the important question is: how many Chewie shards is this debacle worth??
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
  • APX_919
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    So the important question is: how many Chewie shards is this debacle worth??

    How is this roll-out a debacle? Admittedly I haven't tried the PvP yet but the only gripes I've heard is that it is a pay-to-win style of event, not that there are bugs or game-breaking content.
    "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen...mostly"
  • All mobile games will be this way, it is the new norm. Even console and PC games are starting to show signs of moving in this direction. It is what it is, to complain about it is a bit like the old man shaking his fist about the kids on his lawn.... sadly it's not so much the kids as it is the adults that seem to have more money that good sense. So I can shake my fist or pay up and enjoy myself. Until more are ready and willing to stand up and not even install games there are those like me that will feed the beast till there are few left to play with and the beast starves.
  • Have you read the megathread? Nothing game breaking just 80% of their player base is enraged lol. I don't care much as I decided after 1 battle I'm not spending a single crystal on the event.
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
  • Lol. Read the megathread... Not making fun of you. Just find mega threads a hilarious waste of time and space. On these very forums we have the guiness world record for a mega thread about complaints and unhappy users. Instead of fixing it, it's more of a badge. A trophy if you will.
  • Oh I agree. Every change gets its own megathread. Every complaint gets a megathread. But going by guild mates on my main and alt, this isn't enjoyable, teams are exploiting issues, and only those that are p00ping crystals are getting anywhere.
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
  • ships? ships will be out in august just like the new raid was hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • JoseIrimia
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    Costumer: Hey, where is the new raid?
    Devs: New what?
    C: Raid
    D : oh... you know...
    C: you said august, and is october.
    D : Well...
    C: I mean, ok, I understand need to be bug free and well made, but it's 2 months later
    D : I mean...
    C: Well, at least you can communicate better. "Hey, I know we are late, but we are still working in it".
    D : The truth is...
    C: So nothing, right?
    D : Hey! Look over there! New things! Ships! Tournaments! Forget about the raid! It's a new shiny thingy the tournament! And we will put ships!
    C: Ok, so trying to distract, right?
    D : Ehhhh.... Ships! ehhhh..... Tournaments! ehhhh.... Credit heist! ehhhh.... Double bonus! ehh...
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