New Galactic War Guide with mechanics for F2p and paid players

The Definitive New galactic war guide.

At first I was not pleased with the new galactic war system. I had only unlocked galactic war for 3 days when they changed it around. The last day was the first day I had gotten used to the system and completed it.

The first day on the new system I only got halfway, and was quick to blame the new system for making it impossible for me to complete it as my lvl 43 team couldn’t beat a 50.

The next day and every day since then I have completed it with ease, as the new retreat mechanic that totally resets the battle is in fact much better and forgiving if you screw up, as long as you abuse it to its full effect.

As a sidenote I only got lumi after I completed for the first time with the new system so it can be done without her.

A quick note on team composition

Although having lumi and Sid makes GW a lot easier, you will have to suffer without lumi for a few days before you can unlock her. You may or may not have Sid depending on how you did in Arena, but even without these characters you can do well.

The 2 key characters for F2P players are a leveled and geared JC and Talia. JC’s spammable group and self heal are key to going far and talia’s heal is necessary for keeping JC up in a pinch. As soon as either of these characters goes down or will end the fight with low hp you hit retreat and reset it.

This is the team I ran before I had Lumi and sid

Luke (L), ig-88(the free one), JC, Talia (fives, jawa swap out as necessary)

This is my team after lumi and sid

Lumi (L), sid, Luke, JC, (Talia, ig-88, jawa swap out as necessary)

As a F2P player to succeed in GW, you will need 2 high single target damage dealers, 2 healers and another dmg dealer with aoe capability/ healer you can swap out depending on the fight needs. Special mention goes to the dark side free droid, call ally is incredibly strong when trying to blow someone up turn 1

Now on to the actual fights and strategy involved.

The basic strategy is simple. Targeting priority looks something like this:

major aoe buffer/debuffer -> Dmg -> Healer -> Tank.

Pour all your single target dmg into their highest threat target and kill it before it gets to take a turn. Then make your way through the list.

AoE Buffers/debuffers are now the single most important targets to get rid of, as you cannot just retreat to get rid of their buff/debuff, as the fight will just play out the same way. So if you see a phasma, poggle, Poe or any other character that debuffs your whole team or buffs their whole team get rid of them, quickly. (except old ben, as getting rid of him will buff the whole team, just eat his one turn ability disable)

Phasma deserves a special note here. Advantage is tough to deal with, but can easily be debuffed by attacking each character twice, which is why against phasma teams I rotate my talia out for jawa. If I cannot burst her before she gets her buff off, atleast I can use both sid and jawas aoe attack to quickly score 2 hits on everyone and get rid of the buff.

The last section is about turn meter and who gets to go first. Once you progress a bit you’ll face teams that are equal or higher lvl and speed becomes really important. There’s a great article on turn meter and speed ( that you should read as it is almost necessary to understand the following. I will try to illustrate it with an example.

For the sake of argument we will assume you are running a Lumi / Sid / JC / Luke / Jawa team, the opponent is running the exact same team and has the same gear and lvls

In this scenario, each character will reach their full turn meter at the same time and would get to go at the same time, so the game RNG assigns one character to go before the other. I will go through it play by play now

- His sid goes first and uses his first ability on your lumi, hits and gets healing immunity off

- Your sid gets his turn, you target his lumi with your first ability but she dodges

- Your luke goes, uses his second ability on lumi, gets the hit and stun off

- His luke gets his turn, uses his second ability on your lumi hits but doesn’t stun

- His Lumi gets to go, she uses her second ability on your lumi, it hits she dies, you cry and hit retreat.

In this scenario, his Sid won the RNG roll, your Luke won his RNG roll and his Lumi won her RNG roll, as they have the same speed as their counterpart yet got to go first.
Now if you hit play again after retreating, it will play out the exact same way no matter how often you retreat and hit play again. All characters will go in the same order do the same thing and get the same result. If you perform the same attacks the results will be the same. Sid will get dodged luke will hit and stun.

There’s 2 ways to change the outcome. The first one is you change the attacks you use, the order won’t change, but if you use sid’s second ability he may record the hit. This may seem small, but when you’re trying to blow up a character in one turn it’s a big deal. If your luke’s second ability got dodged for example, just retreat come back and use his first ability and it will probably hit so you don’t lose dmg in that critical first turn.
The second more impactful way to change the outcome is to rotate out a character.

Say I retreat after losing my Lumi, I swap out my Jawa for fives and hit play again. The fight now plays out as follows.

- My sid goes first, I use my first ability on his Lumi, record the hit and get immunity

- His sid goes, uses his second ability and hits

- My Luke goes first, I use second ability on Lumi, it hits but no stun

- His luke goes, targets sid with his second ability and misses

- My lumi goes, uses her first skill and kills his Lumi

This played out differently, all my characters got to go first, and the attacks resolved differently. His team even attacked different targets. This is what adding new characters can do for you.
Rotating out one character for another forces the game to reroll on everything, thus it can change their place in the turn line and who and what they target.
This makes nearly every fight winnable even if you’re facing a higher lvl team or tough abilities. Dooku stunning your healer and the dude next to him. Rotate a character out, he might target someone else or his stun might be resisted.

So don’t give up even with f2p characters you can win, you just have to abuse the new retreat system. I retreat if things don’t play out exactly how I want them to, until I get the turn 1 result I want. If you win turn 1 by blowing up the biggest threat you will win the fight.

I hope this helps newer or inexperienced players trying to get to that ever elusive GW clear

note: this does not mean if you retreat and swap out a character you'll get to go first, it just means it forces the game to actually reroll all the variables instead of reusing them.

If anyone else has useful info feel free to add it.


  • Excellent advice above and understanding the turns is very important.

    A few other tips for GW.

    1. Buildup up a group of 8-10 chars for GW. Unless you take the time to farm a lumi, Sid, Dhaka early, you will need to be able to swap out a char or two or use suicide squads for early battles or late battles to weaken enemies. I don't have Sid, lumi, Dhaka, bariss, or most main tunes. I will tell you how to be successful without them.

    2. As stated above you can be successful with just JC and Talia but you have to understand what you are facing. The first few fights as long as they are lower level I use a B team with chewy, windu, asohka, ewok, and Greebo or tie pilot mixing the last two. I usually can run these 6 and throw in another dmg dealer to get through and weaken the first four battles. Normally I run them too defeated but even in defeat can take out 1 or 2 in battles 4 or 5. Then I use my starting lineup to finish off the battle and go into the harder groups. Saving jawas AoE for a cpt phasma party is good but I also have all three droids so I have two aoes anyways. I normally will sub Jawa for the first fight and often he dies but saves the other chars for the end fights.

    3. I run Droid leader, Poe, Dooku, JC, 86, and swap 88, talia when I need a heal, and jawa as needed. I also try to save chewy from the defeat fight and use him if a char like Poe goes down for the last fight. Essentially what I look for is if the enemy party is high damage or buff heavy, or healing heavy. High damage you want JC and talia if your JC is still on cool down. High healing you want to keep them healing so use all damage. Buffs with phasma use your aoes and swap Jawa if you can in. He may die but the sacriifice to kill advantage and keep your other chars healthy is key.

    4. Lastly level their abilities. Getting JCs cool downs to the lowest you can is essential, plus getting his basic attack to quicken the cool downs means he can often heal every couple turns. Also using Dooku and high speed players means you go more often. Yes they get a turn in, but interruptions and minimizing the enemies that get a second or third turn is key. Droids are great as they often gain turn meter throughout the fight with crits. You can also go strong and heavy early and use suicide squads later in the middle, but the key for the last few fights is rotation and being able to add a char or two to kill phasma buff or heal which talia is great for and also her offense down is nice as well.

    5. GW early on is almost more important than arena, it is for me, so while hearing your arena team is important, fearing that secondary squad for GW is also just as important early on. Those ability materials are the key to being able to win and most importantly defend for the AI in arena
  • 3 healers, 2 damage. abuse the retreat until the rng favors you, repeat x 12
  • All of this is solid
  • slewfoot, that's not how it plays out from my testing.

    If you retreat and replay, attacks and turns will resolve exactly the same way unless you target different people and use different attacks.
    The computer will take turns in the same order and attack the same characters with the same results, regardless of how many times you retreat. It seems the rolls are somehow calculated the minute you hit play and then reused if you hit replay, no rerolls occur.

    If you want to mess with turn order and results you have to swap out a party member, this forces the AI to reroll all rng rolls.

    You could potentially swap a character out and back in, in a different roster slot to force the reroll i havent tried that
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