Tournament Rewards: When does it REALLY end?

So, something that I don't think was addressed already (although please correct me if I'm wrong) is when the tournament truly ends. If someone STARTS an attack within the last second of the tournament window, do the points they accrue in that battle count? That would basically require all top players competing for the top 3 spots to launch a final attack at the 1 second mark... which seems silly.

Unfortunately, I suspect that this is the case, but I don't think it was ever specifically said (Devs, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). As a consequence, even though I was CONSTANTLY refreshing my leaderboard, and saw that I absolutely still held the 3rd place spot when my tournament's reward timer hit 0 seconds, I was given 4th place rewards (thats the difference between a 5* and 6* ShoreTrooper!)

It was a huge bummer, and frankly, feels unfair. I would have been happy to drop the gems to get in that last attack if I knew it would make an "aftermarket" difference... but this isn't the stock-market! Anyone else encounter this?


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