Tank Takedown Raid and Level Cap Increase to 85

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Next week we will be increasing the level cap to 85. Our last level cap increase was on March 31st, 2016, and a number of players have been at level 80 since April. This will have given players 6 months to have reached the cap of level 80, geared up their characters, and expanded their roster.

With this level cap increase, characters will be able to reach new abilities and gear tiers. But wait, where does one obtain these new gear pieces? Well I’m glad you asked! Players will be able to obtain brand-new gear from the Tank Takedown Raid! The plan is to release the new Raid later in October shortly after the level cap increase.

But wait a second, wasn’t the Tank Takedown Raid announced back in July? Why did it take so long to release it?

The Raid was delayed to continue QA testing, polish the art, and much more. The biggest reason however is to allow Guilds to launch both The Pit and the Tank Takedown Raid simultaneously. Now, Guilds will earn two types of currency when completing their activities each day, one for each Raid. Previously, it wasn’t possible to launch both at the same time with the tools we had in place. Guilds would have had to choose between the two Raids, and the development team felt this would have caused some divide between their members. So now, no need to choose one or the other! You can launch both at the same time, they are completely separate with attempts and character refreshes.

So the new gear is great, but is there a new character to obtain in the new Raid?
There is indeed a new character for players to obtain, a fan favorite that is obtainable only by defeating the heroic difficulty of the Tank Takedown Raid.

Is there anything else we should know about the level cap increase or the new Raid?
  • Guilds will have both types of the new currency MAXED when the new Raid goes live. We will announce the exact date of the Raid as we get a little closer, but Guilds will definitely want to spend as much of their currency as they can instead of holding onto it.
  • Players will be able to earn rewards from The Pit and Take Takedown Raid individually.
  • Characters used in one Raid will not limit them from being used in the other.

UPDATE: for the level cap increase we will not be introducing new tiers of abilities for characters. New tiers of abilities will be added in a future update.
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