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Greetings Holotable Heroes,

The newest Raid in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is almost here, the Tank Takedown! This new Raid offers exciting new rewards for powering up your character roster.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these new rewards, the phases of the Raid, the requirements to participate, and more!

EDIT- The launch cost for the two raids is incorrect and is being corrected in game. The costs are meant to be 80k and 90k respectively. Another note that we are modifying the points earned from AAT normal to 75 and AAT Heroic to 300 (a 50% increase from the Rancor)
Normal Difficulty
  • Requirement: 6-Star or Higher
  • Roster Refresh: Daily
  • Daily Attempts: 5
  • Launch Cost: 80,000 Tickets
  • Intended For: Level 80, Gear Lvl VIII, Mk V Mods

Heroic Difficulty
  • Requirement: 7-Star
  • Roster Refresh: Never
  • Daily Attempts: Unlimited
  • Launch Cost: 90,000 Tickets
  • Intended for: Level 80, Gear Lvl X, Mk V Mods

  • Phase 1
    Main target: General Grievous
    Secondary Targets: IG-100 MagnaGuard (x 2) B2 Super Battle Droid (x 1)
  • Phase 2
    Main target: Tank hull
    Secondary Targets: Main turret, left gun, right gun
  • Phase 3
    Main target: Rocket B2
    Secondary targets: B1 Battledroid (x3), B1 Battledroid Commander (x3)
  • Phase 4
    Main target: Tank hull
    Secondary Targets: Main turret, left gun, right gun, B2 Super Battle Droid (x2)



Recommended squads
  • Jedi and Jawa – each of these types of squads will receive bonuses when used in the Raid.

Raid Currencies
When the new Raid launches, Guilds will start earning two types of currencies, one for each of the Raids. This will allow Guilds to launch both Raids at the same time instead of having to pick one over the other.

Raid Rewards
When Guilds complete the Tank Takedown Raid they will be rewarded with Credits, Guild Currency, and Gear. If Guilds can complete the Raid on Heroic difficulty they will also be rewarded with shards for a the new raid exclusive character.

We have also made adjustments to the Raid character shard payouts for Heroic difficulty. Players that earn spots 1-3 on the leaderboard will receive the highest amounts, while ranks 4-50 will earn the same number of shards. We made this change so that Guild members could acquire Raid exclusive characters at roughly the same rate.

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