Looking for PVP Shardmates on forum: Iron killian, saalem, megarylez,SF jacktherazor, FightThePower

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Listing the top 5 at this specific time.

+ more: vedaykin, humblesage, berserk, xmoridinx 93 till, Zealot, sinister trustfulloki...
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  • I would like to know what time zones you all are in so we can work out a gentlemen's schedule.
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    Hey man... I'm EDT. 99% sure xmoridinx, Kobewan and humblesage are also. These are my best guesses for the rest: Ihsahn CDT/MDT, Vedaykin CET/Europe, Berserk PDT, Sinister Trustfulloki PDT, Megarylez UK/Europe, DK JackTheRazor UK, Zealot Asia, Jeffrim UK/Europe. What are you? My guess is MDT or CDT. Last night I wasn't around at payout so I took 1st at 6:50 EDT. I looked a little after 7 and you had knocked me to 3rd before my payout. Figuring you did it on purpose I was going to return the favor but I forgot. ;)

    Edit: I just realized for some reason I was thinking you were Saalem, but you never said who you were so I'm not sure why I thought that... who are you? Lol
  • I am zer0gee...I am behind in the wiggs race, so I am usually in the 15-35 spot now. I have not been in the top 10 since Wiggs started making an appearance.

    NateWolfman, Skirata and I are all in PMT. Those are the only ones I know for sure.
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    Translating Iron-Killian's best guess into a more readable format.

    • Berserk
    • Sinister Trustfulloki
    • Zer0gee
    • Cross
    • Skirata
    • Corsec ?

    • Iron Killian
    • xmoridinx
    • Kobewan
    • humblesage
    • Natewolfman

    • Ihsahn

    • Vedaykin
    • Megarylez
    • DK JackTheRazor
    • Jeffrim
    • Zealot

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  • FYI, We now have a Discord Channel for this Shard. If you are interested, PM me with your Discord info.
  • My discord info is Minotauro#4635
  • I'm looking to see if this discord shard chat still exists? I'm trying to work my way into the shard...
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