New Character Abilities with Level Cap Increase, Not made up

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A guide to some new Ability upgrades due to the level Cap
Color Key
Red: Not available due to being newer or having a rework
Blue, doesn't have a 4th ability
Green: My Note
Note that there are only 48 characters here.
Aayla Secura:
unique: +15% counter chance
Admiral Ackbar:
Leader: +10% tenacity
Ahsoka Tano:
unique: +5% health, critical chance, and +5 speed Increases all three stats
Asajj Ventress:
leader: +10% turn meter reduction, Unique: +25% turn meter gain chance
B2 super battle droid: N/A
Bariss Offee:
Unique: +15% dispel chance
Biggs Darklighter: N/A
Boba Fett:
Unique: Add offense up for 2 turns on revive He Revives often so this is a good one
Cad Bane:
Unique: +5% critical damage
Captain phasma:
Leader: -15% damage penalty This removes damage penalty entirely
Cody: N/A
Chief Chirpa:
Leader: Add 10% basic attack damage
Chief Nebit: N/A
Clone sergeant: N/A
Leader: Bonus effect duration +1 This is for the Defense up on damaged
Coruscant police:N/A
Count Dooku:
Unique: Add 15% bonus damage on counter and assist attacks
Echo: N/A
Unique: +25% counter damage
Leader: +5% turn meter gain
Darth Maul:
Unique: +5% critical chance, evasion and heal Increases all 3 stats
Darth Sidious:
Unique: +50% bonus effect chance This refers to turn meter gain
Darth Vader:
Leader:+10% turn meter
Unique: +5% critical damage
Dengar: N/A
Eeth Koth:
Unique: +5% critical damage
Emperor Palpatine: N/A
Ewok elder:N/A
Ewok scout: N/A
Leader: +15 defense
First order officer:N/A
First order stormtrooper: N/A
First order tie pilot:N/A
Gamorrean guard:N/A
General Grevious:
Unique: Taunt Effect also triggers when Grievous falls below 25% health This might be good, but it's hard to tell
General Veers:
Unique: +15% turn meter gain chance
Geonosian soldier: N/A
Geonosian spy: N/A
Grand master Yoda:
3rd Special: -1 cooldown, Leader: +5% turnmeter gain
Grand moff Tarkin:
Leader: +5 speed
Han Solo:N/A
Unique: +25% revive chance This raises HK's revive chance to 100%!
Hoth rebel scout:N/A
Hoth rebel soldier: N/A
IG-100 Magna guard: N/A
IG-86: N/A
Unique: +15% critical damage
Ima-Gun Di:
Unique: +1 heal over time duration
Jawa engineer: N/A
Jawa scavenger: N/A
Jedi counslar: N/A
Jedi Anakin: [N/A
Jedi knight guardian:N/A
Kit Fisto:
Unique: +5% bonus effect chance This is talking about Counter chance
Kylo Ren:
Unique: +5% Cooldown reset chance
Lando Calrissian:
Unique: +5% Critical Chance
Unique: +3% tenacity
Luke Skywalker:
Unique:+6% Critical Chance up Chance
Luminara Unduli:
Leader:+2% heal
Mace Windu:
Unique:+15% expose chance
Mamgatrooper: N/A
Mob enforcer: N/A
Nightsister acolyte: N/A
Nightsister initiate: N/A
Nute Gunray:
Unique: +15% critical chance
Old Ben:
Unique: All effects duration +1
Old Daka:
Unique: +10% turnmeter gain
Plo koon:
Leader: Offense up Duration +1
Poe Dameron:
Unique: +2.5% heal
Poggle the lesser:
Unique: +5% turnmeter gain
Princess Leia:
Unique: +10% Heal 10% Triples Heal
Qui-Gon Jin:
Leader: Add Potency up on first turn That was unexpected
Resistance pilot: N/A
Resistance trooper:N/A
Unique: +5% offense
Royal guard: N/A
Savage Opress:
Unique: +25% chance to recover 15% Max Health each turn for 2 turns after taking damage Heals when taking damage, Awesome
Scarif Rebel pathfinder: N/A
Shoretrooper: N/A
Stormtrooper: N/A
Stormtrooper Han:
Unique: +5% turn meter reduction when Han is damaged
Sun Fac: N/A
Leader: +50% bonus effect chance This means in evade, they have a 100% chance to heal
Leader: +25% turnmeter gain chance
Tie Pilot: N/A
Tusken raider: N/A
Tusken shaman: N/A
Ugnaught: N/A
Unique: Offense Up Duration +1
Wedge Antilles: N/A
Zam Wesell:N/A
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