Leveling Question - Newbi

Ok both me and my brother are new but I've already grinded to level 38 in a few days, however I have hit a wall in Arena, even against lower leveled players with lower leveled characters?

They'll have 4 Star Chewy, 3 Star Luke, 3 Star Talia, 1 Star Ewok and 2 Star Consular, all level 34, yet have a higher overall team power than me with 4 Star Chewy, 3 Star Luke, 3 Star Talia, 3 Star Hoth Solider and 2 Star Consular all at level 38?

I hoping leveling a 1 star to 38, then doing his stars to 3, won't make stats different than a 3 star level 1 being leveled to 38 on the same character? If not, then is this drastic power difference to level ratio really all down to gear?

Hope you guys can help us rookies aha


  • It doesn't matter what order you level, gear, or star your characters. We all end up with the same maxed characters at the end. Mods however change that, it is the only progression method that will make someone else's luke different than your luke if you both had the same exact luke. If it weren't for mods, everybody's Luke would be the same exact character given they had him maxed. Hope this helps
  • Gear. Gear your people up. That's the most important.
  • Ok guys thank you for the confirmation. We both worried after rushing our levels up quickly. I noticed a near 300 power increase to my Consular after jumping from 5 Level 2 gears to 5 Level 3. I had no idea Gear was that important but will now get farming haha.

    Thanks again for your help :)
  • Gear is the most important part of characters other than mods
  • Gear is the equalizer, then level, then stars...
    also you cannot go wrong with droids
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