Big difference from 6* to 7*?

Curious as I'm about to 6* Luminara and wasn't sure if I should hold off on 7*ing her till later so I can focus elsewhere with my GW tokens. Thanks in advance for any help :)


  • If you sure your squad arena team then go 7* if not just collect more character
    As one star is huge difference in later squad fight
  • The last star means barely surviving and getting her heal off compared to dying and losing the match. Every star counts in arena.
  • Upgrade Lumi, now! ;)
  • Definately worth it also from a GW point of view.
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  • Stars make a bigger difference the higher level your characters are and with a top of 70 now stars are just getting more important
  • Star is a % benefit ,so more important in higher level
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    100% yes, 7 star toons are absolutely mandatory for arena anyway!. First 7 star toon will be my darth sidious then im getting luke and lumi to 7 star and finally after that IG-88!.
    Qui-Gon progress in cantina currently 4* gear lvl 7.
  • 10-4, thanks for the recommendations everyone.
    How many shards is the last tier?
  • Maso
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    100 and 1mm gold
  • J7000
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    Not very character needs 7* for arena but Lumni should be maxed
  • I have some toons that I want to bump up to 7* (I have the shards already) but im concerned its going to make galactic war way harder (since right now I dont have any 7* just 6*) anyone know if GW will get harder if I upgrade my toons to 7*?
  • The guys above are right on!!!


    You can never go wrong with a 7* anybody....
  • Cecton
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    The question is in the short run is it better to have multiple 6* etc or one buffed 7*? I'll probably get Lumi to 6* then Phasma to 6*
  • Triqui
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    If you use both in your team, I'd say that two 6* are better than a 7* and a 4*. But only if both are in the main team, don't spend too much in benchwarmers
  • @Triqui yeah that's what I was thinking. I think I'll hold off on 7* her right away.
    @Quicksilver I too was worried about that. Sometimes I hold off leveling my guys up because I notice they get a lot stronger towards the middle-end when I do. I wonder if staring up has the same effect.
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