What even is Crit chance?

From my experience with other online games (mobas, rpgs, etc.) your crit chance, or the probability of your attacks landing a critical hit, is always displayed in a percent value. For SWGOH there is a numerical value, for example my ahsoka has 500 physical critical rating but she almost never crits. So far I'm blaming this on rng, but how are you supposed to calculate it? And why do toons land more crits on lower level node enemies when there isnt actually a stat in the game that reduces the chance of someone criting you? And why do leader abilities give you a percentage increase instead of a regular number?


  • Barrok
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    no one has the answers to your questions other than the devs. I think most people would love to see the crit chance as a %

    I have a feeling it's based out of 1000, but that is just a guess.
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