Anyway to stop notifications for a certain discussion/thread?

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Anyone know how to turn off notifications for one thread only? I made the mistake of posting in a complaint thread that just won't go away.


  • Curious about this too. I accidentally subscribed to a French guild thread. I don't even speak French, and guilds aren't actually a thing. The thread is as useful to me as a chocolate teapot.
  • Try the Preference Icon on the upper right side of your Forum Name.

    Go to Preferences
    Unclick the ones you don't want Notifications of.

  • Yeah, that works as long as there isn't anything in that category you actually do want notification for. Fortunately, that thread was my only bookmarked one, so it's a workaround for now. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Still, would be nice to be able to remove a bookmark or thread subscriptions.
  • Go to the thread in question and click on the star till it's not gold anymore.
  • scuba
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    This option should be able to be left on:
    "Notify me when people comment on discussions I've participated in."
    and then once you no longer what to see response you should be able to disable this for a single thread.
    Unfortunately it is a Global preference, All or nothing

    The work around I found is to disable this setting then start the threads when you comment. When you no longer want to see notifications then unstar the thread. It is only a work around but hey it works.
  • I've accidently subscribed to threads as well.. The stupid "Nerf Poe" one to be exact. :/
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