Borrow a Hero and Populating Specifics

When you play certain missions (Light Side, Dark Side, etc.) you have the opportunity to borrow a hero. Does anyone know how the field of possible heroes to borrow is populated?

Sometimes I have access to a High Level Old Daka, other times I have access to a couple of High level Phasmas or Barrisses, and other times I don't have access to any of these characters or any high level characters. I've noticed that if I exit out of the borrow a hero screen and click on the battle again, the field repopulates with different heroes. Every once in a while, I'm able to get a high level Daka, Barriss, or Phasma to pop up by doing this a couple of times. However, there are many instances (Dark Side 4-C Hard and 4-L Hard in particular) where I can't get a High Level Daka or Phasma to pop up, and I really need them right now to beat the level with 3-stars while I'm building up my Dark Side squad.


  • Best way to get high lvl daka or anyone really is add them as a allies. I used to be able to find alot of 3/4 star purple gear characters and now all i get is 2/3 star blue gear characters in DARKSIDE 5-D

    Like i said early best thing to do is go into arena face a opponent that you would want to use in your Darkside battles and request them to be your allies anf hopefully they accept
  • Rolf
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    The problem of course is that you're restricted to your allies' *leaders*. Many of us probably have the chars you're looking for. I personally have a very strong Daka, but I don't run a Nightsister team so why would I ever have her in the leader spot? It's a poorly designed system in that sense.
    My ally code: 296-673-769. Wish we could have more than 35.
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