Allies champs to use ?

what determines which allies champs i can choose ?
why its allways the same hereos, is just the leader of the ally ?
if some1 have daka not as leader, there's any chance i can use it ? (or him make it happen so)

also for me. i use barris and phasma as leaders... if those are the only champs my allies can use...
Lol, i'd remove myself from ally list, so useless.


  • Yep believe that's the way it works dude, last leader you/they had
  • Regeneration
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    The availability of Leaders to pick from is chosen based on what your allies used as a Leader in their most recent battle. (Includes Challenges / PvE missions)
  • So my allies cant use my talia as heal or sidious for crits, since i like phasma as leader.
    Pretty stupid i think.
    EA should offet the option of picking a champ from an ally.
    At least out of 3/5...
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