Could all the Rank 1's, please stand up!



  • Wow IG-88 looks **** good with his aoe ability block.
  • Keaven
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    SlyWalker wrote: »
    i was wondering...if you are #1 and want to test some new team lineup against the #2...what happens if you lose? will the #2 become #1 and my rank drop to #2?
    No. You don't move when challenging as #1.
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  • F2p, just made it to rank1 on my server. Will see how long it lasts lol
  • 4th day in a row today

  • Wh your lvl and squad comp?
  • EwokRampage
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    edited December 2015
    Here is my setup. Bonus Tie Fighter double tap crit.


  • Been #1/2 for the first two weeks playing up to 22,250 power team only the little hank ranking 16k teams cause me any grief... Basically make it so I have to be around for rank ends is all
  • Keaven
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    Nice team @EwokRampage.

    I can see the benefit of sacrificing Poe, but have you considered Han instead?

    Whilst expose is nice FOTP and Leia can 1HKO without it in some cases so would benefit from more attacks than armour piercing.

    He grants turn meter on activating taunt for 3 turns, and whilst he appears to be too vulnerable in this time, on top of passively reducing enemy turn meters, he adds 25% turn meter to allies when damaged and a chance to remove a further 5% meter to opponent heroes.

    His leader ability is also great for this on D as he will grant armour to whoever the opponent tries to dps and any survivor of attacks before he taunts will be 130% on offense.

    Sid can be replaced by a better attacker with similar HP as his crit bonuses are overkill with Leia on board.

    Could add Phasma for her speed up on first turn too to set up the taunt and DPS early, maybe even use her as leader for extra multi taps.
    Profile: Keaven
    Guild: Fear The Boot
  • Keavan definitely good points I will be looking to upgrade as I get more Phasma/Han shards. At the moment there not past 5 star so I will be looking into them later on, both really good ideas though.
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