Game Update 10/20/2016

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I'm all atingle to share this weeks update notes for 10/20/2016 :smiley:
EDIT-(10/21) The Tank Takedown raid is live! HOORAY! Just as a note, Guild bank coins used to be listed on the main screen, now you have to enter the raid screen and select the appropriate raid to view the coins. Nothing is lost, DON'T PANIC
- if you don't see your raid tickets topped off as indicated in the update notes below, this means your guild leader has not logged in yet.

  • The Galactic Gear pack for Levels 80-85 has updated Pack art
  • Mystery Box- As a reward for completing daily activities at level cap, we’ve introduced a new Mystery Box at Level 85! Mystery boxes drop a variety of items including the possibility of Raid Gear.
  • The Tank takedown raid is tomorrow! Per @EA_Jesse's dev update on 10/6, Guilds will have both types of the new currency MAXED when the new Raid goes live. Guilds will definitely want to spend as much of their currency as they can instead of holding onto it
    • Multiple Simultaneous Raids: Guilds will now be able to have a Rancor Raid and The Tank Takedown Raid occurring simultaneously. Characters used in one Raid will not affect the characters that can be used in the other.
    • Unique Summoning Currencies per Raid: Even with multiple simultaneous Raids, Guilds still had to make the hard choice of how to spend their raid summoning currency as some players may only want to do the Tank Takedown and others would want to fight the Rancor. To provide the best experience for everyone, guilds will now earn separate summoning currencies for each raid through their daily energy spend. We will be removing the Guild Bank Coins and creating two new currencies “The Pit Tickets” that are used to summon the Rancor, and “Tank Takedown Tickets” which are used to summon the AAT. Both currencies will be earned at the same rate that Guild Bank Coins are currently earned (maximum of 600 per member per day). As we are removing Guild Bank Coins we will be setting both currencies to the max (150,000) to allow Guilds to immediately start playing both raids
  • Guild Switching Prevention: Some guilds have been using guild switching (or hopping) to participate in far more raids than should be possible if its members all stayed part of one guild. With our previous update we attempted to stop this unintended behavior by making players that switched guilds ineligible for raid rewards for a 48 hour period. Unfortunately this change was not succeeding in a manner we were satisfied with. With our recent update, we are removing the 48 hour ineligibility for Raid rewards when switching guilds and introducing a new change. The maximum Guild Bank Coins that a guild can earn per day is 30k (210k in a week). We will be tracking individual player participation in each Raid, retaining the summon cost for each Raid participated in, and stop providing raid rewards to the player after he/she has participated in raids that exceed the limit of 210k per week to summon.
  • "Evasion Up" tooltip corrected to say +15% Evasion.
  • Raid Bosses now take 67% less damage from Max Health Percent-based damage effects (Damage Over Time, Expose, Thermal Detonators, etc.)
  • Error 9.0 when trying to to equip or remove a duplicate mod has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where the leaderboard from the previous raid attempt was not displaying after rewards were distributed.
  • Fixed text alignment issues on event buttons
  • Viewing the prizes and ranks tab in Squad Tournaments will load faster
  • Fixed a variety of infrequent crash bugs to improve overall stability
Ahsoka Tano
  • Omega upgrade for "Energetic Slash" now adds +10% Heal as well as +15% Damage.
  • Omega upgrade for "Protective Maneuver" now adds +10% Heal as well as Cooldown - 1.
  • "Daring Padawan" now has "If Jedi Knight Anakin is present, Ahsoka Tano gains Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns at the start of each encounter and whenever she uses a Special ability."
Barriss Offee
  • "Force Healer" Omega upgrade now grants Defense Up to all allies.
  • "Swift Recovery" now grants Barriss Offee 5-9% Turn Meter whenever an ally is critically hit.
CT-5555 "Fives"
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Speed Down inflicted by "Dual DC-17 Blasters" to decrease Speed by more than intended
Grand Master Yoda
  • Omega upgrade for "Ataru" increased to +15% Turn Meter Gain.
  • "Masterstroke" now correctly copies Critical Hit Immunity.
  • "Masterstroke" will no longer incorrectly copy buffs from Aayla Secura, Ewok Scout, and Jawa.
  • Omega upgrade for "Unstoppable Force" increased to +30% Turn Meter Reduction.
  • "Unstoppable Force" Turn Meter reduction chance increased by 5% across all ranks.
  • "Unstoppable Force" will now Stun targets who are under 100% Health, instead of under 50% Health.
  • "Unstoppable Force" cooldown decreased by 1.
  • "Battle Meditation" cooldown decreased by 1.
  • AI will now prioritize "Battle Meditation" over other abilities.
Jedi Knight Anakin
  • Offense Up from "Reckless Assault" will no longer randomly fail to increase the Physical damage of some units.
Plo Koon
  • "Force Judgement" Omega upgrade now adds "+15% Offense Down Chance" in addition to "Offense Down Duration + 1."
  • Offense Down applied by max rank "Force Judgement" will no longer randomly fail to reduce Special damage.
  • "Take Charge" now grants Turn Meter to Jedi allies as well as Clone allies.
Qui-Gon Jinn
  • "Harmonious Assault" will now correctly increase Special damage dealt by the Assisting ally.
  • Offense Up granted by "Humbling Blow" will now correctly increase Special damage to all allies.

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