Who is Mol Eliza?

After fighting other player, I found funny to stand against the same player (Mol Eliza) a lot of a time and thought it was interesting to fight for the same rank regularly (top 1000). However after talking to some friends that are on other servers they started talking about one guy always beating them with the same team. His name was... Mol Eliza... Finding this very curious I checked at the ranking on my server and found 1, 2, 3, 4 Mol Eliza in top 50. So guys what's wrong with it? Bot? Cheater? Have you ever faced the same kind of situation?
Sorry, if this point has already been highlighted earlier, but I had to mention this intriguing situation.


  • Curious bloke tries to add me alot... but is like lvl 47 or something.
  • We are all mol eliza
    Mol eliza lives matter
  • He is my father.
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    The right question is: Who ISN'T a Mol Eliza?
  • Telaan
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    Mol Eliza is the computer generated name when you start the game. If you don't change it to a custom name, you will stay Mol Eliza.
  • I've noticed about 15 of him on my server about 6 in the top 200, the guy doesn't stop playing or he is everyone.... Dun dun duhhhhh
    I'm currently 150 or something if you are on my server Peanut is the name one of 2 droid teams competing Haha
  • Darth Mol. He can influence midichlorians to create life.
  • I am Mol Eliza. The confusion helps me dominate.
  • There are at least 30-40 Mol Eliza's I've seen. Not sure if it's a busy player with many accounts and no real life or if they all share the same name and they are just a player group.

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    Yeah and many different servers have that name too. We have 2 options:
    1. Like Telaan said, Mol Eliza is the account name if user does not pick a name
    2. EA is filling the servers with bots but are too lazy to even try and cover it up lol

    It's what I said. The Devs have said that there are AI bots in the game. The all have different random names. Those bots exist in new shards for players to defeat as they climb arena. Once the bots are defeated they are eliminated from arena altogether. The bots also exist to use as allies but, again, have different names.

    All Mol Eliza's are players who did not change their name at the beginning.
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  • Every week who is mol Eliza thread pops up ( this 2nd one already this week )

    If you would have noticed, when it gave you the option to change your name when you first started chances are the name showen was mol Eliza.

    You see someone with this name, means they just didn't change it at the start.

    BTW. Try search next time. I don't usually tell people to use search, but this one is one you should know has already been talked about
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