How do I use credit, help an old guy out

I know I'm an old guy. But I keep seeing that I can level up my character with credits? How does this black magic work? I can't seem to find where I can spend my credits other than shipments.



  • You do various modes (cantina for example) and with the tokens you get, little orange ball things, that let's you buy shards in shipments which after a while, you will have enough to promote a character, say from 4* to 5*,for me it's the bottom right hand corner on my android version.
  • You will need credits when you star them u (promote them). It might seem like you have a lot of extra now but keep in mind to go from 5-6 it costs 500k and 6-7 is 1M.

    To level costs credits as well, but it's not as bad.
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