A truly epic story

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Since u all bug me so much, i thought i would just share a nice story with u all. This is why maul is so awsome. So grab a blanket and pillow and let me tell u the wonderful story of the zabrak that could.


Once in the semi stable out world of anerA, there were two waring clans. The clan of DarthMhuzi and the clan of Sgt Strategy. Strategy led a bold march of his 5 troops, sid the kid, maul the mawler, DJ JC, Five guys, and Captain Phasma Ray at the helm.

As for the dark clan of Mhuzi, lumi juan kenumi led sid the lid, count dooku the poo poo, Young Daka, and Boba Feet.

Dooku started off with stunning maul, not with lightning, but with his shmexy old guy looks.
Then there was an emmence firework show displayed by the AOEs of Sids and Boba. Sid the kids' sick spins would have made TR-8R proud. Much good dance moves for an old guy. The enemy had to admit he was pretty dank.

DJ JC healed up the strategy clan, nearly everyone was at full health. But lumi force pushed the doritos right down the throat of JC. He was almost gone like pittburgh in the playoffs. Phasma shot up The entire enemy clan like she was in the hood, but shes white. Fives spit out 2 rounds into sid the lid. Young daka healed the team up, and the next round started.

Dooku got not 1, not 2 but 3 hits off into JC, killing him. 5v4. Sid the kid slashed up his counter part, sid the lid. Sid the lid slashed up phasma. Phasma called in a victory march like the germans in ww2. Lumi slashed phasma. 5s hit up sid the lid. Boba hit up phasma. She was red like clintons face when hillary found out about monika. Daka called in that gross hand to kill phasma. 5v3. Maul slashed sid the lid. He dead. 4v3.
Next round. Dooku slashed up some sid the kid. Sid the kid smashed up some lumi. Lumi sliced up some sid the kid. 5s lit up some lumi. Boba lit up some sid the kid. Daka lit up sid the kid. He almost dead. Maul took a kill shot at boba. Almost.

Dooku hit up 5s surprisingly. Then, with one last glorious swishy swashy, sid the kid dem blowed the entire enemy team. Dooku countered and killed sid the kid.
4v2. The enemy started pounding on 5s. As the turns went on, 5s died

Strategy now knew the only way to win was to pull off the dankest and most memeist victory that would earn him a showering confetti of mountain dew.

Maul attacked dooku. Dooku died. Maul got full turn meter. Sliced up lumi. Full turn meter. Sliced up daka. Full turn meter.

It was boba vs maul. Maul sliced and diced. Boba died.

YESS!!! Strategy had done it! What a comeback! And no lumi dodging everything, or dooku getting 9 turns or no daka calling-
Ih wait he remebered boba revives.

He picked up the phone that he had thrown on the floor to see bobas face there again, staring blankly into the horizon of the hoth trench they were fighting in. Maul killed him again.

Yess! What a vict- oh wait hes still alive
Maul killed him again

Finally ive do- oh come on!
Maul killed him again.
The three stars finally came up on the screen. Strategy was victorious and the great maul the mawler had destoryed everyone, proving his awsomeness and dankness


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