Arena help for a new player?

I'm hoping a veteran can give me some pointers as I'm seemingly unable to break into the top 1000 now I've passed Lv30 and my server is full of high 60's.

I'm currently Lv48 and my team is;
Leader: Chewbacca 4 star Lv 47, Gear Lv 5, Power 2260, Abilities: 3, 3, 3 & 4
#2: Talia 4 star Lv 45, Gear Lv 5, Power 2440, Abilities: 4, 2, 2, 3
#3: HK-47 4star Lv 46, Gear Lv 5, Power 2246, Abilities: 3, 3, 1, 4
#4: Luke Skywalker 4 star Lv 46, Gear Lv 4, Power 2087, Abilities 3, 3, 4, 2
#5: Jedi Consular 3 star Lv 47, Gear Lv 4, Power 1776, Abilities: 3, 4, 3

2 Star Geonosian Solider & Greedo at Lv 45 and 4 star Ima-Gun Di at Lv 45 (low gear as just got him)

The problem I always face is I tend to be drawn against the teams made up of 2 healers, Royal Guard, Chewy and any other attacker/assist boosting hero. The tanks are both very very high in health and will alternate taunting, while the healers just undo any damage i've done to the previous one and the attacker with assists wears down my team really quickly, despite the fact I have an equally strong tank and 2 healers. Many times my team have higher power and have equal heroes or better. Yet I either lose because I'm unable to kill the healers and attacker due to tanks taunting, or I grind them down and run out of time when they're down to one hero.

Any advice? Getting stronger, higher levels and more gear/stars hasn't helped at all for near 20 levels now, as the other people in the server are doing the same? So each day the people at this rank are never any easier.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.


  • I'd work on GS and get a better healer from gw like lumi and for a tank use st Han or RG or you could start I a droid squad and get ig 88 and 86 with an hk lead
  • NotMatt
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    I agree. Luminara is arguably the best healer in the game, or at least she has the most powerful heal. (I'm partial to old Daka and Barriss but Lumi's heal is better) Lumi is also super easy to farm. She was my first 7 star toon. Not to mention her attack is stronger than most healers.
    Royal Guard is a good protector for an arena team because he taunts any time another toon drops below 50% health, which will annoy your opponents. Plus, his basic attach stuns, so it'll help you prevent the other teams tank from taunting or you can stun Dooku to prevent counter attacks.
    RG may not survive each arena fight, but if you drop 3 enemy toons before he goes down he's served his purpose well.
  • Waqui
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    I would also focus on doing all your dailies as often as you can, and at least di 2x50 ceystals energy refreshes (more if you can afford it) every day. You will never be able to compete with players 20 levels higher than you. While leveling it's a race to max level. The earlier you reach the mile stones, the earlier you can farm better gear in challenges, omegas and the like.
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    One thing that will really help you with dual taunt opponents is having a dispeller on your squad. Someone like Asajj or QGJ or B2. Or Teebo, who is the best toon to have for pit raids (rancor). When a tank taunts, just hit them with the dispel and carry on with what you were doing.
  • Thanks to everyone, I managed to tweak my team somewhat with a line up of
    Leader - Ima-Gun Di (as he boosts jedi's counter and defence, is also very powerful with a defence up boost)
    Chewy (I essentially use him as a sponge for damage when in trouble, aim to replace him with RG)
    Qui-Gon Jinn (seems very fast, can remove taunt allowing me to finish healers/attackers off AND has a powerful assist he can use every 2 turns)
    Jedi Consular (I now have him 5 starred with some mods and such, so he hangs in a little longer while I get Lumi)
    HK-47 (his auto revive, high health and ability to temp block abilities can prove useful)

    I've broken the 1000 rank barrier midway through the level 50's now but definitely not that competitive yet. I seem to lose badly to super fast seems full of assisters (GS, Qui-Gon, 86, Phasma etc) and Lumi/Sid tend to be a nightmare as they dodge 99% of attacks. But at least I'm able to win a bit now haha.
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