Tank Takedown Raid Strategy Guide, Walkthrough and Guild Attack Plan

The SWGOH Tank Takedown Raid was released on Friday October 21st, 2016. This is the 2nd raid released by EA/CG for SWGOH. This raid has a much higher initial difficulty than the previous raid, The Pit. Tank Takedown, both normal and Heroic modes, will require guilds to coordinate and strategize even more to attain successful completion as well as your raid rewards, gear and most importantly your General Kenobi shards!

TeamSkunk is providing this guide to the sw:goh community as a guidebook for successful completion. Again, I want to stress, this is a very difficult raid in its current form and it will only be completed by guilds who take the required time and coordination. Do not be discouraged if, initially, you and your guild aren't roflstomping this one like you did the Rancor.

Please be aware the damage numbers and other content of this guide are estimates, guesstimations and theorycrafting. This guide WILL change as the TeamSkunk community completes additional raids, so I would recommend checking back often for updates. Also feel free to share this guide with your friends and guildmates.

We also look at the best characters, team comps and mod options. Hero, squads and mods will be most effective at max level obviously, so if you have an alternate of similar type, use that instead.

Check out the guide here: http://lordskunk.com/index.php/2016/10/23/aat-tank-takedown-raid-strategy-guide-walkthrough-best-team-mods/


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