Another New Game Mode - AI Wars


You face an endless stream of PVE enemies - say, a bunch of Jedi Knight Guardians or Chewbaccas. As you kill them, new ones come in that are stronger.

You choose your line up, but AI controls your team on full auto. As your team members die, new ones from your roster automatically get subbed in.

It's over when all your characters are dead.

Your reward is in the form of a new currency called AI Tokens, which drop at a rate of 10% per enemy wave, and are the only way to unlock character shards for their 8th star. You will need 250 of these shards to go to the 8th star.

Your drop rate decreases by 0.1% for every 10 Qui Gon Jinn shards you have above the max needed to 7* Qui Gon.

You can play this mode once every 4 hours.


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