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I am currently lvl 50 and noticing that the same old team that got me here is starting to become obsolete. I am currently using Bariss (Leader) IG-86, counselor, Dooku and Talia. Bariss was fun before but now she is only good for healing and is weak as P***. Same with Dooku which I farmed when I was lvl 44

I was just going to keep promoting my current team and get to level 60 and go from there. But I'm now finding that my team wont really cut it in the 60's.



A droid team is what I originally wanted, but it seemed fragile at lvl 40 when I wanted to start it.I also thought a nightsister team would be good, but it seems like it will take me forever to get there.

I'm currently saving for Sid and am sharding to promote IG-86 and get Old Daka. But now im a little flubbergusted on where to wisely spend my energy and GW/arena crystals and more importantly my money.

What would you do if you were in my position?

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    Coming from HODA this wasn't a problem because they had many more heroes. I think once they start releasing heroes every week like in HODA this will not be a problem.

    If you have the patients to wait until then but if not you could invest to get the team you need. I'm level 32 and I've hit a wall in PVP my team is weaker than most players I'm matched with. I'm leveling and testing different teams to see which will work better in PVP going forward.

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    I feel you need Sid to be competitive. In PVP, I'm seeing all kinds of teams. I'm sliding down because I went for as many characters as I could get over 7* a few. You need at least two healers for PVP right now. Leveling has gotten tougher now. The training droid challenge used to be offered every day.
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    They need to quit being stingy with the challenges
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    Powerlifter I remember reading how you wanted to see a night sister team on the old forum that I think you posted.

    Have you seen one yet?
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    I haven't seen one yet. I'll have Old Daka in a week or two. I have 4 night sisters. Two are level 60. The other two are around 35. Choices, ya know?

    Next month I may do a night sister team. I built a droid team around Poggle the Lesser. It was not impressive.
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