luminari's a force blast at level 6 has a 100% ability block in all game modes except pvp. She had not induced an ability block for me in pvp since I upgraded her force blast to level 6.


  • Any ability is subject to resist due to tenacity. Lumi's potency is zero, so chance of resistance is high if target has any kind of tenacity.
    100% ability block means it fires all the times, then potency vs tenacity decides if it will be resisted. If potency wins, its a block. Otherwise it's a resist.
    For the record Lumi is my main in the arena, and block works, just not often. Many arena toons have non zero tenacity.
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  • thanks. I was under the impression that if the attack was successful that everything applied. In my case I saw that damage was done but no ability block was applied. It sounds like the potency of the spell is separate from the chance for the spell to do damage.
  • There are two separate events. When you hit a special ability, there is a separate chance for it to attempt to apply a negative effect to the enemy. That is simply a roll whether the ability will attempt the debuff. For example, Lumi has a 100% chance to trigger the debuff. Daka has a 40% chance to trigger her stun, etc ...
    So once the roll succeeded (in case of Lumi it will always succeed), next check is to see if target will resist it. This is where potency of ability versus targets tenacity comes into play. Lumi has zero potency, so its very easy to block her attack. Dooku has 220% potency, but only 30% chance to trigger the debuff ... So in his case, if debuff triggers it probably won't be resisted.
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