Cody balance

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Hello fellow friends! Let me just begin by declaring that I am a crazy clone fanatic and have been working on Cody, starring him and gearing him up. By picking up threads and pieces from different posts, I know that he has been weakened by the echo nerf which made echo only being able to assist when other teammates are using their basics in their own turns. Also, cody has been unbalanced by the mod changes. Apparently the major players in charge of the issue is @CG_Kozispoon ? Since every players seem to refer to his post which I failed to find :( also, a round of applaud to @Darth_Jay who also seems to be a very active participant in our campaign to balance out cody. My question is, has CG_kozispoon (I assume he represents Capital games) responded to our plead and announced any plans to rework cody? Or has it been total static? And how would you guys like to change cody, if in any way? I myself would like to see a drastic change, by turning his leader into a passive, strap on a requirement of needing two other clones present, or completely remove this ability and sub a new one. I suggest an interesting leader ability (just my random thought, think it would be cool) named Guerilla tactics/ Inspired leadership, that has a 20% chance to grant a random ally stealth each turn and if more than 3 clones are present, a taunt on fives whenever any clones falls below 50%. A buff in health is also appreciated up to 30-50%? Thanks all.
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