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Yeah this again. :) There are three characters I've been considering:
- Boba Fett. Every time I borrow this guy he hits like a Mack truck, and his AoE special with ability block is amazing. Unfortunately it will take weeks of Cantina to unlock him since he is 80 shards.
I am not likely to build a team around him. Will he synergize well with other builds such as a Jedi team?
- Ahsoka. I already have her at 3 stars, and it's 65 shards to get her to 4. She's not in my "go-to" five but I use her a lot in light side battles and am growing to really like her. But I am not sure I should up her rather than get someone new.
- Old Daka. Everyone says to get her but I am just not enthused. For dark side missions I can borrow her if needed, and I already have 1 great healer and 2 good ones (and Luminara soon I hope).
- Fives. Counter-chance is great but seems focused on droid builds and I haven't gone that way so far.

Thoughts? :) Cantina energy takes such a long time compared to arena so I want to be careful. I actually haven't spend any of mine yet and still only have 2k, which is less than 1/3 of the way to getting 80 shards.
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  • I'm leveling Luke from there. Moving on to level 5. I say go for Fett.I'm only getting old Daka to get more help in dark side battles. That and I want to do a full night sister team.
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    Thanks. There are two ways to level in there, from the actual missions or the credits. I was considering getting Luke but I am not sure he will make my team. Also, Luke Skywalker using a rifle just bugs me. :D
    I do think Fett is the best option in there especially since my dark side team is so weak. He rips things up.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • Because of the slow rate at which you earn Cantina credits, I tend to think of it as a long term investment anyway since either way you'd have to farm 80 shards to unlock either Daka or Fett (unless you're lucky enough to unlock them from a Bronzium like so many others on these forums seem to do :'( ).

    Both Daka and Fett are useful at higher levels.

    Daka obviously because she's a healer and you can never have enough healers in your roster (especially for GW), but also because of her ability to resurrect a fallen ally and her stun which procs against me way more often than I'd like :(

    Fett, like you said, packs a punch and his AoE with a chance to lock down the whole enemy team's abilities is also extremely useful (and so bloody annoying!)

    You can tell I'm not bitter at all about fighting against those two characters :p
  • Qeltar
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    Thanks Slushie. I guess I'll start with Fett and see how it goes.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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