quick question

Can anyone tell me if the hard missions offer higher drop rates for the purple gear


  • Rolf
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    Doubt anyone knows.
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  • Good question. I saw a post where a player spelled out his farming yield and assigned a percentage to the drop rate for shards, you could do that if you wanted to find out the old fashioned way. I usually don't burn the energy in hard when an easy is available.
  • I've personnaly never tested that, but the devs said that, for the cantina, you have better chance of drops for battle demanding more cantina energy to clear it.
  • I haven't tested it either I'm kinda scared too lol because I am f2p and I try to use my stamina as best I can but I literally spent over 200 stamina and only got 3 of the 20 pieces I need for a piece of purple gear
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