Normal Tank Takedown Guilds Recruiting Players


  • We are looking for players to help out with tank takedowns...

    We have enough tickets to start one today, but I'm waiting a little bit in the hope that we can get some more members.

    Player ID 796-869-815
    Line ID 146007146
  • Eastern US, Motivated, Organized and Active! hPit, Pre-hAAT

    Our next hAAT attempt takes place September 9. We are SO close. Get onboard.

    Army of Ren currently has 47/50, and is seeking three more active raiders, between levels 83-85. We are right on the cusp of having hAAT on farm and we ask that you have a minimum of one hAAT ready squad and be focused and committed.

    We are doing hPit with a 24 hour 0 damage registration period and nAAT that is P1 attacks only for the first 24 hours, then FFA. We will have another hAAT preparation run on September 9 (in one week). Our raids begin at guild reset at 8:30 PM EDT and raid character reset time is 1 AM EDT.
    Guild requirements:

    • You must be ACTIVE on Discord

    • Minimum of 500 tickets/day

    • Follow raid rules

    • Participate in all active raids

    • Minimum of 25 7* characters

    • Between levels 83 – 85

    • You must have one hAAT ready squad (P3 teams are a plus)

    We are a semi-casual and sociable guild who cares very much about the advancement of the guild as a whole through individual success. Our focus is to grow as a team. We are very organized with our preparations for hAAT and are just a few committed members away from having it on farm. We are not a mega-guild or a feeder guild- you begin with us and progress with us. Our members are generous with gear exchange and we ask the same from new members.

    Please message me with your ally code if you are interested or contact me on Discord at Sonicmedusa#4093 or send an ally request to 759-672-628 .

    Darth Traya

  • Obi Juan's Taco Stand is a guild created by active members of 2 old guilds that had several inactive members and leaders.

    We currently have 26 members and are looking to expand.

    Most of our members are lv 80+ and generate their 600 tickets/ day
    We can do a T6 rancor in a less than a day and NAAT in about 3-4days

    Preferably active members but casual players are more than welcome

    If you would like to merge with us please message me to work out the details, but we would rather take in a guild rather than move

    Be part of our guild as we climb our way to the top!

    Ally code: 333-219-224
    Link to my roster in the signature

    Gezinem: 333-219-224 (F2P)
  • Famous NineSages (former home to the world's largest Hellfire mobile game community) is now actively recruiting for a brand new Heroic Guild. This is a normal Tank guild running Heroic Rancor raids, until we have enough members to tackle the HATT. We're mostly all f2p. We have 10 inital member's and we'll be taking members from the noob/casual 9S guild as well.

    Guild Name: Ninesages Heros

    Timezone: Australian Time Guild reset (4am activities reset EST) Mix of mostly US and European players

    Rules: Use Discord, 0 damage to H Rancor first 24 hours, then FFA


    Players and Guilds: PM me here, or on our forum, or join our Discord chat server, invite code
  • Gremio Dunwall RECLUTA (aceptamos grupos)
    - Nivel 80
    - Telegram Obligatorio
    - minimo de tickets
    - poder hacer los desafios de material Z
    Preparando HAAT necesitamos gente activa con ganas de mejorar estamos a un paso!!!!
    Somos un grupo de amigos que han creado una gran familia, muy buen ambiente donde te lo pasaras bien a la vez que progresamos en el juego.
    Nos Coordinamos a traves de un grupo de Telegram en el que es obligatorio formar parte de él, nos centramos en mejorar la calidad del gremio y de sus integrantes ayudandoles a mejorar y resolviendo cualquier duda que tengas, disfrutando del juego y completando contenido recibiendo las mejores recompensas.
    Realizamos Rancor HC y NAAT
    4 raids a la semana
    Nuestros roster:
    Si quieres estar a nuestro lado, preparado para los nuevos modos de juego ponte en contacto por mensaje privado o vía telegram con @jasaky
  • Rebel Bears

    Time zone:
    GMT/UTC + 02:00
    At the moment I try to launch raids at different times so all kind of people can participate but with the 24h no-damage rule you will get some loot regardless.

    Current status:
    We clear heroic Rancor with a no damage rule in the first 24 hours.
    Normal AAT is being cleared in around 2 days at the moment and we are working towards heroic.
    On territory battles, we have 11 stars right now in phase 4, which will definitely be better on the next one.
    We make around 19k raid tickets per day.

    What we are looking for:
    Currently, we have 48 members(inactive ones are being cleared after 2 days of inactivity tops) and we are looking for active members that will contribute the 600 raid tickets cap daily.
    A big roster that will help Territory battles is a plus.
    Following the no-damage rule for Rancor is a must.
    We use discord out of the game but it is not required as of now.

    Ally code:
  • Hi there!

    The Zylos Vendetta guilds is calling to you!
    We have three guilds at the moment, with one being elite, one being for medium/highlevel and the last one being for low/medium level.
    As of now, we are recruiting for all three guilds, however primarily for our lower/medium level guild.

    Elite: Doing all HC raids.
    Medium/high: Doing all raidtypes, but mostly T6
    Low/medium: Doing T1-T5(6)

    We are looking for active players, who will contribute to the daily ticket assembly, and furthermore the player needs to donate gear to fellow members.
    The guilds do not accept bad behavior, and we don't accept breaking our raid rules!!
    Otherwise any player would be welcomed, and placed according to wish and potential.

    We use discord, but it is not mandatory.

    If interested (in any of the guilds) please contact Falen Lacer, 885-328-198 by replying either here, PM me or ally request me.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Redpax
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  • Our guild is called Surgebinders and we are mostly Dads who are looking for more like minded individuals. We would like some more end game talent to help with raids and Territory Battles. We can run Heroic Pit and AAT.

    All of us are a tight group (been playing destiny for years together) so we ask that you be respectful of everyone. No cursing or drama (our kids play too). We don't have a minimum ticket requirement but we ask that you stay active and contribute. No gear 10 or 7 star toon requirement; we are a helpful bunch, but obviously the stronger the better. We could use some more 85s to take the pressure off our heavy hitters.

    We use discord to communicate. You can find me there at RedPaxton#3741 or you can send me a private message here. Hope to hear from you!
  • dovstep
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    The Brotherhood is looking for players to fill our ranks to soon start doing Heroic AAT raids.

    We are a guild of 26, due to recently purging leeching/inactive members from our numbers. We are looking for players who will:
    • do their part for the guild and put in your 600 raid tickets per day
    • be involved with Heroic Rancor/Normal AAT raids (until we have greater numbers) and now Territory Battles
    • follow a 24-hour no damage rule
    • help out with gear exchanges when possible
    • use our LINE app for communication
    • not leech/whine/be a ****/take advantage of the guild
    • be productive with figuring out game plans and raid schedules that work with everyone (we are on a PST schedule)

    For a guild of only 26, our core is strong and ready for the next step - we just need more dedicated members to help us get there together.

    PM me, send me a message over LINE, or add me via the game if you want to be part of The Brotherhood.



    Ally code : 662-394-943
    LINE ID : dovstep
  • Return Of The Raiders, is a new Guild looking to fill up our roster with active members whom participate and communicate in a friendly manner, we have a variety of players from active casual players to a more professional bunch looking to progress but in a more chilled environment. Currently sitting at 30/50 members. GP 17.5 mill.

    We run Pit Raid tier 5 or 6 depending on peoples needs for gear as well as normal Tank when raid tickets are available. Heroic rancor we have come close halfway through last phase.
    Pit raids times are discussed and decided on which days and times will suit all members.

    Most of our members are from Australia or New Zealand but we have a few from around the world. Currently were looking for higher leveled members preferably between 70-85 however were inclined to accept anyone that is active daily, will contribute to raid tickets and that is looking to stick around for the long haul.

    Our rules are pretty simple:
    -No **** or picking fights.
    -Must attempt to contribute at least 400 preferably 600 raid tickets daily.

    Communication is in-game chat, however we are looking into using discord if everyone is up to it.

    PM me here or add me as a ally through game and will invite to guild.
    Ally code is : 821-353-514

    Looking Forward to meeting new recruits
  • Guild: The East York Empire

    Members: 48/50 but looking to cull 2-3 low active members

    Level: 80+

    Normal Tank: twice weekly - beaten in < 12 hours

    Heroic Rancor: three times a week - beaten in < 25 minutes

    Guild Galactic Power: 38.8 million

    Are you ready to join a great community of active players! We are looking for 2-5 players level 80 and over who want to earn those sweet Raid Han Solo shards and tear it up on Territory Battles.

    We attempted one hAAT last month but fell short. Our next attempt will be in a few weeks. We have added a bunch of CLS’s and zSavage’s to augment our clones, resistance teams and zKylo’s. We will soon be basking in GK shards!

    Our guild is laid back but active and organized. We are generous and donate gear like crazy. We only have two rules:
    1) 24 hour zero hit for raids. That gives everyone a chance to participate and earn prizes.
    2) If you place top 3 in a raid you only zero hit for the next raid.

    Come join a great guild, make new friends and improve your gaming!

    If you are interested come check us out:

    Ally code: 176-479-938
    LINE ID: darthbobswgoh

    Our guild leader:
    Mace Mongoose
    Ally code: 872-283-578
    LINE ID: macemongoose
  • Hello,
    - We are looking for 80+ Active daily 600 point Players.
    - But we are willing to help those that are not quite there yet. we have a few 70's.
    - We start Heroic Rancor Raids 9pm est monday and thursday. Normal AAT when we have enough. we are close to HAAT. just need some more members with some juice to push us over.
    - We don't really have any rules we just want active players. We don't have a 24h 0 damage rule yet but we might add it in the near future. we just advise to be patient so everyone can get a few hits.
    - We do Heroic Rancor and normal tank raid.
    - we have 32 members now.
    - we have a few heavy hitters. so Heroic Rancor goes quick so does AAT.
    AGAIN all we ask is to be active... right now we have soem nice members and will hit about 15-17 in TB. more members we will hit alot more.
    No discord and NO line. we have a set schedule. its not that complicated.
    So if you think we would be the right fit for you. Pm me or join.
  • exquisite Jedis are looking for about 10 more members. We are a chill guild but having fun also means getting some wins.

    We do heroic rancor about 2x a week and are almost at HAAT. With a few more members we will be there.

    We use line chat app for communication, we are mostly West Coast CA, and want strong 85 lvl players.

    Our only rules are to be respectful, play, get your dailies, and follow any raid rules. But there aren't many. We work to make sure everyone can grow. You can hit me up on line app if needed. ID: filique
  • TheFirst0rder

    Supreme Leader Snoke commands you to join TheFirst0rder! There are currently 3 openings for new members who want to be part of a committed and ambitious guild.
    We estimate that we'll be attempting HAAT raids soon after the next Thrawn event (possibly October) and we want your help getting there quicker and making it successful.

    Entry requirements: Ideally at least five gear 10 characters but it's negotiable e.g. if you're doing well in arena or you're not at max level and don't meet this yet.

    Guild info:
    Heroic Rancor raids are every 2-3 days and normal AAT raids are every 3-4 days.

    Raid times rotate:
    Heroic Rancor open for damage: 8:30am, 4:30pm, 12:30am Eastern time (12:30pm, 8:30pm, 4:30am UTC), zero damage during the 12 hours prior.
    Normal AAT raids are FFA from the start: 8:30pm, 4:30am, 12:30pm Eastern time (12:30am, 8:30am, 4:30pm UTC).

    Guild reset time zone is USA EST.

    Apart from the zero damage period in the Rancor we have no strict rules but we do regularly replace the least active members to keep raid ticket production up.

    You are encouraged to join our LINE group where we discuss the game, help each other improve and organise the guild in preparation for HAAT and Territory Battles! We are a very friendly bunch of players from all around the world, mainly USA and Europe.

    If you're interested in joining send me a private message with your ally code / account link or add me on LINE and we'll talk there.

    Stevie Rage
    LINE: stevie_rage

  • guild name- OG Purple Rhinos

    time zone- pst

    rancore raid- heroic

    rules- play daily and contribute to the guild

    we are a small group of good players looking to expand the guild send me a message if you are interested
  • Cowan820
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    Hey guys I just started my own clan and here are the details
    My ign is RagingPanda and my ally code is 832-939-277
    The guild name is Deadpoolers and I am recruiting anyone 65 and above for now until we get a decent amount of people then we can help lower guildies. We will be working on the pit and HAAT as we sit fit and the tiers will be as we find reliable people. I will promote those that use Discord and stay acrive to officer because communication is key between the guild. My discord name is also RagingPanda #6380. Once you add me on discord I'll addy you to the server. It will be fairly relaxed as far as how often we do raids or who gets top damage but know that once you're inactive for 15 days officer or not you will be kicked. Now I know life happens family, job, etc I'm military so I won't be on 24/7 but make sure notify me. Shoot me a message here look up guild or add me as ally and I'll get you in thanks and I hope to see the guild rise.
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  • mkjggr
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    need guild active members
    my new guild is called battledroidswars
    my ally code is 816-214-397 im lvl 85 got tons of 7 star toons
    i'm an active player everyday
    need good officers also
    pls comment below ty
  • Forums
    Deutsche Gilde gesucht

    May 31
    Hab dir ne Mail geschickt
    Gruß CptFP
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    June 9
    wird der thread hier noch gelesen? :-)

    Bin auch auf der Suche nach eine neuen Gilde.
    Derzeit bin ich "Mitstreiter" bei -We are heroes- . Handelt sich um eine italienisch sprechende gilde und da mein italienisch "leicht" eingerostet ist und ich im Gildenchat nix verstehe, möchte ich hier mal nachfragen, ob ihr noch Mitglieder sucht?
    Spiele eigentlich mehr oder weniger regelmäßig bin Lvl 85 in der Trupp-Arena bewege ich mich zwischen 100-200 und bei den Schiffen 100-50.
    Also wenn ihr noch jemanden sucht..... :smile:

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    June 9
    Kannst gerne zu uns kommen, 44 deutschsprachige Gamer freuen sich auf Zuwachs
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    June 9
    OK! mein code: 928-572-546
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    June 13
    Unsere Gilde besteht zur Zeit aus 41 Mitgliedern, Level 82-85.

    Rancor Raid T7 ist kein Problem und es wird durch Reglementierung dafür gesorgt, dass jeder in die Liste kommt.
    AAT T6 wird in der Regel in 1 Tag erledigt.

    Discord ist zwecks besser Kommunikation, Absprachen, Informationsaustausch etc. Pflicht.
    Im Discord Chat ist eigentlich immer was los, Fragen werden schnell beantwortet und auch sonst herrscht ein reger Austausch zwischen den Mitgliedern.

    Wir suchen aktive Spieler oder kleine Gilden für einen Zusammenschluss.

    Bei Interesse kontaktiert mich einfach über Discord : Blackheart/ ID: Blackheart#7895

    Hoffentlich auf Bald,

    Blackheart (Tempel der Jedi)
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    June 13
    Hallo Soulfman,

    wir sind eine deutschsprachige aktive Gilde und suchen auch noch nette, kommunikative und motivierte aktive Spieler.

    Wir sind ein bunter Haufen von Spielern und Spaß und Fairness stehen bei uns an erster Stelle.
    Der größte Teil unserer Mitglieder ist schon älter und arbeitet, trotzdem bemühen wir uns zuverlässig unsere täglichen Gildenmünzen zu sammeln.
    Die Kommunikation findet hauptsächlich über die Messenger-APP LINE statt.

    Wir spielen aktuell regelmäßig 2x pro Woche den Heroic Rancor Raid und den normalen Tank-Takedown.

    Du kannst mir über LINE (ID Rialofank) eine Freundschaftsanfrage schicken oder über den Bündniscode 253-433-781 eine Verbündeten-Einladung.
    Solltest Du bereits Stufe 85 erreicht haben, kannst Du unsere Gilde auch direkt beitreten.

    Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Du zu uns kommst. :smiley:
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    June 22
    [GER] HinterHof Bande sucht Member!

    Wir sind auf der Suche nach neuen Membern für unsere Gilde.

    Was können wir bieten?

    -Raids aller art
    - Erfahrung, Tipps, Tricks
    - 8x Memebr LV 85
    - 7x Member LV 50+
    - Das Perfekte Raid Team

    Wenn du Lust und Intresse hast bei einem Neuafubau dabei zu sein dann nichts wie rein !

    Über diesen Code kannst du unter: Verbündete--> Hier Bündniscode eintragen--> Auf das Profil gehen---> Gilde beitreten---> Diesen Spieler Code eingeben:

    Wir hoffen du schaust vorbei und stehst uns sogar vielleicht zur Seite
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    July 8
    hey! ja wir sprechen deutsch und englisch. SITTH STORMS ist der Name :)
    speZialiZt wrote: »
    Gibts hier auch deutsche bzw. eine deutsche Gilde? Wäre super..

    Aktuell LVL 63 und Arena Rank 3..


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    July 22
    Wir arbeiten gerade daran unsere Gilde für den HAAT und die kommenden Territory Battles fit zu machen.Aktive motivierte Mitglieder herzlich willkommen,gerne auch wenn ihr mehr Spieler seid die Gilde wechseln wollen.
    Wer sind wir und was bieten wir:
    Momentan sind wir,wie der Name vermuten,lässt überwiegend Österreicher.
    Doch ist bei uns deutschsprachige Verstärkung aus aller Welt willkommen.
    Austausch und Hilfe über Discord und Ingame Chat.
    Rancor Heroic läuft mehrmals pro Woche mit 24 Stunden Anmeldephase.
    Tank Takedown Tier 6 läuft bei uns auch regelmäßig.
    Chat nur in Deutsch weil man sich ja auch zuhause fühlen soll.
    Was du mitbringen solltest:
    Level 75+
    Motivation und Spaß am Spiel.
    Regelmäßige Aktivität (da immer etwas dazwischen kommen kann,ist längere Abwesenheit kein Problem, solange man Bescheid gibt)
    Raidtickets sammeln 400+
    Discord wäre nett weil es, beim HAAT und den Territory Battles, hilfreich sein wird.
    Bei Interesse mich als Ally (511-444-274) hinzufügen und kurz hier im Forum Bescheid geben das ihr in die Gilde wollt.
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    August 16
    Mahlzeit Leute
    Hab 2 Plätze zu vergeben
    HAAT fällt Ende August dann gibt es Kenobi Splitter.
    Aller 2 Tage Grube 7

    Bei Interesse über line Messenger schreiben

    Cpt_FP ist meine id
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    August 20 edited August 21
    Wir, die Knights Beyond, suchen noch personelle Verstärkung um uns für die kommenden Territorialschlachten gefechtsklar zu machen.
    Wir bieten:
    40 aktive Mitspieler (Anm: Abwesenheiten von mehr als 48 Stunden sind vorher anzumelden)
    Hilfe und Tipps über Line und Ingame Chat
    Rancor (zur Zeit noch Stufe 6, in kürze heroic) alle 3 Tage
    Normaler AAT ca. einmal die Woche.
    Wir suchen:
    Noch bis zu 10 zuverlässige und aktive deutschsprachige Spieler lvl 60+, die sich auch an den Gildechallenges und am Ticket sammeln beteiligen .
    Bei Interesse kontaktiert mich im Forum per PM, fügt mich als Ally (615-951-518) hinzu oder kontaktiert uns unter Line (G20HH17).
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    August 25

    wir, die Gilde Invictus reloaded German suchen noch verstärkung,
    sind derzeit ca 25 aktive Gamer, davon 10 veteranen und raiden T7 Rancor mit 24h Regel.
    Und starten am Montag unseren Ersten T7 Tank raid. Haben alles genau geplant und sind zuversitzlich. Wenn du dabei sein möchtest, so adde mich und ich Lade dich gerne ein.

    Was wir bieten:
    T7 Raids, freundlichkeit und hilfsbereitschaft. Erfahrungen und Tips von veteranen, eigenes Gildenforum. Wenn die Territoy Battles kommen, werden wir da natürlich gemeinsam vollen fokus drauf legen. Auch neulinge sind herzlich willkommen !

    Was wir erwarten:
    aktivität. tägliche 600 daily tickets wären schön, sind aber keine pflicht.
    Einhalten der gemachten Raidregeln.

    Added mich einfach und ich lade euch ein: 582-391-176
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    August 29
    Hier findet ihr einen link zum gesamtdeutschen dicord server und zu nem line kanal für gilden und spieler die einander suchen
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    August 30
    Die Gilde Sith Lord Germany ,

    Sucht dich für tägliche ernsthafte Anmeldungen,
    Wir helfen dir mit Erfahrung und das du zu einem erfolgreichen 85 Spieler wirst und Splitter bekommst wo andere nur versagen, zusammen bekommen wir Hand Solo und Luke Skywalker Splitter die jeder will und braucht. Komme zu uns mit power und zusammen werden wir mit dir kämpfen und erfolgreich werden nicht ich oder wir wollen erfolgreich sein sonder WIER wollen erfolgreich sein denn nur so geht es , 242-952-555 und Darth Jones wartet und begrüßt dich,

    Wir freuen uns auf dich um weiter zu kommen ohne streng zu sein aber wir wollen weiter kommen.

    Grus Mudder More Fire Fire more power.......
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    Meine seit kurzen übernommene Gilde sucht noch spieler jeder Stufenklasse!

    Wir bieten derzeit beide Rais auf Stufe 6 an und machen derzeit auch das Gilden Event.

    Wir würden uns sehr über Verstärkung freuen. Es gibt keine Pflichten oder bedingungen jeder aktive Spieler darf mit machen!

    Die Gilde heißt KSH kann aber auch gerne einladen!

    Würde mich sehr über verstärkung in unserem Team freuen!
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    Wir - Sweetpups Inc - sind zur Zeit auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern.

    Du möchtest in einer Gilde sein um gelegentlich an Raids teilzunehmen?
    Du willst Zugriff auf Gildenevents und das auch mit einer halbwegs vernünftig ausgestatteten Gilde, so dass wenigstens ein bisschen was weiter geht?
    Du suchst gelegentliche Kommunikation InGame?
    Du hast weder Zeitpläne die du einhalten kannst oder möchtest noch erwartest du etwas in der Richtung von anderen?

    Dann bist du bei uns richtig!

    Raids starten wir je nach Vorhandensein von Tickets. Und den Rancor töten wir auch ganz brav :)
    Für das Gildenevent haben wir immerhin schon 4 Sterne geschafft - und noch nicht eine Plattform voll besetzt.
    In unserem Chat steht sicher einmal am Tag mindestens eine Zeile - meistens sogar mehr!
    Und wenn du nicht reden willst, einfach mal Urlaub hast oder dein Handy streikt - wir freuen uns einfach, falls du irgendwann wieder kommst!

    Wir bieten zur Zeit immerhin 12 aktive Mitglieder (Yeah!) und die meisten davon sind über Lvl 70. **** hast du die ganz große Chance unseren Durchschnitt (levelmäßig) zu heben oder zu senken. Oder dich einfach schön mittig zu positionieren.

    Thuata Arinsoa - leitender Recruiting Offizier - zu kontaktieren hier oder InGame (214-112-258)
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    10:39PM edited 10:45PM
    Die Austria Dragons rekrutieren wieder!

    Wir sind eine deutschsprachige Gilde mit vielen Österreichern und arbeiten gerade daran unsere Gilde für den HAAT fit zu machen.

    Wir suchen:
    Aktive motivierte Mitglieder
    LINE CHAT APP Vorraussetzung
    Deutsch oder englisch sprachig
    Am besten Stufe 75 oder höher
    Keine Mol Eliza Charaktere

    Wir bieten:
    Rancor Heroic läuft mehrmals pro Woche mit Vorankündigung in Line, 24 Stunden Anmeldephase.

    Tank Takedown Tier 6 ebenso.


    Hilfe über Line durch Offiziere

    Taktik für HAAT und Bodenkrieg

    Abwesenheiten länger 2 Tage bitte melden.

    Bei Interesse bitte mich adden 371 687 795 oder bei Line app Kontakt aufnehmen swgoh0815.

    Bis später im Game. Pzb14
  • Geriatrics guild here looking for new members. Few spaces to fill up.

    Current stats
    GP - 39mil
    Raids - heroic rancor 2-3 times per week (24h 0 damage rule) the FFA. NAAT as often as possible can be cleared within the day (building up to HAAT)
    Communication - recently started using LINE app. Please communicate as this is more
    Important than ever with arrival of TB.
    Time zone - Primarily UK time GMT. Raids start around 7.30-9 after refresh.
    Current TB progress - on track to hit 16-19 stars

    Come join the journey as we progress into end game raids and TB. We have a friendly guild, good core of active players mostly level 85s with few big hitters too. We are looking to progres after clearing out some inactives. The arrival of TB is a drive for us with HAAT in sight. Let's earn those Kenobi shards.

    Message or post if interested/for more details.
  • Order of Reapers is looking for good players to help fill our ranks. We use Line please contact me there if you are interested i also have discord but don't use it much.

    Min level of 75
    500 points daily:
    5pm pst raid times
    Current raids are:
    24 hr registration on Heroic Rancor
    FFA on opening of NAAT

    Leader: Reaper

    Line ID: xiluin

    Discord: Xiluin#3182

    Ally code: 548-433-529
  • MikeSkyWalker
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    Been debating leaving your dud guild? You should. Do not waste any more of your time falling behind in an inactive guild.

    We are a guild that has 48/50 members producing 27k raid tix per day!!! We can also tier 7 daily guild activity.

    We need two more members who are level 80+, will get their 600 daily raid tix, and are willing to join discord for guild communication.

    We have a 24 hour no damage Rancor Rule so that everyone can get rewards. If you do not understand this rule, no problem at all, we will explain it to you :)

    Very chatty and friendly guild. About 2 weeks away from starting Haat. We work together as a team VERY well!

    Message me on here to get in. Only 2 spots left!


    635-969-644. If I see an ally request in the game, from someone without a guild, I will know it is someone from here wanting into the guild. I'll promptly send a guild invite.

    I promise you that you will NOT regret joining our extremely active guild.
  • _Skystalker
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    *** IRON DOGS ****


    Iron Dogs are a mature, friendly, dedicated guild, largely made up of UK players. We have a fiercely friendly and causal ethos, but with a healthy dedication to guild progress.

    Currently our collective guild power is close to 18 Million with about 35 members many of which are largely very experienced players.

    We actively Run about 2 Heroic Rancors per week, and its strictly no damage for 24 hours to ensure most players get on the reward roster.
    We currently also run 2 Normal AAT runs which are completed quickly and easily.

    We are working hard to build teams to complete the heroic AAT and we are looking for players who can help with TB also. We are a guild who appreciate a healthy work / game balance, and while we do require players to ensure they bring their 600 raid tickets per day, we recognise this is only a game and that people have real life commitments and review with a normal amount of perspective those who are not contributing enough.

    At the core of our guild is around 16 players all around 1 million GP and we have all been playing well together for about a year now.

    We would not class ourselves as HARDCORE, i.e impress us or we will burn you at the stake! We are actively seeking players who value progressing but want to achieve that together with loyalty, hard work and commitment and enjoy that process from start to finish and have plenty of laughs and banter on the journey.

    Were looking for players level 80+ who have around 500k+ Galactic Power. Players who want to set root, and work together with great individuals who love this game.

    Its important to us to enjoy our time playing, and hopefully with your help complete HAAT Heroic weekly and enable us to further progress in TB.

    We are not looking for guild hopers, or players purely bent on their own self progression or inward thinking agenda’s so if that’s you please don’t apply.

    If that’s not you we would be delighted to hear from you today!!!!

    If interested please reply with your Gamer Name & Ally Code and your current individual Galactic Power. If you wish to include information about your teams and what zeta ability's you have or a link to your profile then please do but its not essential.

    We will review your application quickly and give you an answer asap!


    ALLY CODE 998-323-214
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  • nuelfild
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    Agamek recruits new players !

    We are a guild centered on an IRL group of french friends who started the game last July.
    We play the game the hard way, without lvl 85 to power leveling us and aims at reaching the top by ourself. Core team is between 60 and 80

    We use a discord to share informations, and also are very active.

    We are recruiting players of any level willing to share this game experiment, who is active (not as much as us, don't worry) and friendly. No other restrictions.

    We currently farm 16k tickets per day and farm Rancor T5 each 3 days.
    6 stars on TB.

    You won't get your GK and Han shards the easy way coming with us. Though, we will have more pride when earning it !

    Come and join us.

    Leader : Aomey

    Contact me on reddit, SWGOH forums by MP
    Ally code : 244 – 259 – 448

    Discord on invitation
  • Rebel Bears

    Time zone:
    GMT/UTC + 02:00
    At the moment I try to launch raids at different times so all kind of people can participate but with the 24h no-damage rule you will get some loot regardless.

    Current status:
    We clear heroic Rancor with a no damage rule in the first 24 hours.
    Normal AAT is being cleared in around 2 days at the moment and we are working towards heroic.
    On territory battles, we have 11 stars right now in phase 4, which will definitely be better on the next one.
    We make around 19k raid tickets per day.

    What we are looking for:
    Currently, we have 48 members(inactive ones are being cleared after 2 days of inactivity tops) and we are looking for active members that will contribute the 600 raid tickets cap daily.
    A big roster that will help Territory battles.
    Following the no-damage rule for Rancor is a must.
    We use discord out of the game but it is not required as of now.

    Ally code:
  • London are currently recruiting we are 31/50 (would consider a guild merge if you have 20 or so people)

    We raid
    Heroic Rancor, Zero score in 1st 24 hours hours then a FFA
    AAT Tank Raid, FFA

    Both raids usually start around 8 - 9pm GMT.

    We use discord mostly for discussions on rules, general organisation of the guild and other fun things. We welcome everyone's opinion and listen to any ideas. Anything decided on discord is summarised in guild chat as well.

    We are a zero drama guild, this has never needed to be enforced though as we all want to work towards the same goals.

    We dont insist that you get X number of tickets per day and just ask that you do your best to contribute.

    Our current target is HAAT and Maxing Stars on TB.

    Please PM me here or through discord Grillpan#5708 if you are interested in joining or a possible merge.

    Because of the quality of our current members the only thing that is holding us back from HAAT and 40+ stars in TB is numbers.
  • Quantum Force needs members. Currently doing normal tank raids at least once a week. Hoping to start heroic raids soon. We are have rules in place on pit raids to help develop lower guild members, with the goal of making the entire guild stronger.

    Pit raids: heroic twice a week - 24 hr delay so everyone gets rewards. Second raid of the week is restricted to help lower guild members.

    Raid schedule: Pit - Wednesday 8pm EST, Saturday 12pm EST. TANK - as soon as we are able to launch.

    Time zone - Leader is in EST, but have members from other zones.

    My ally code is 521-985-472
    Or search for Quantum Force
  • Guild 1st Slavic Empire,a casual but comited guild is recruiting players 65 lvl +. Young guild, improving every dar.Doing Rancor t6 atm,every other day,also t6 AAT. Soon HC Rancor. We have a discord server and a facebook chat. We require our players to do atleast 400 raid tickets a day,and be active daily.You can join
  • Feral Rancors is a friendly, and mature guild looking for new level 85 members with at least 5 full teams of 7 stars! Please be able to follow instructions! (see raid rules)!

    Time Zone: US EDT.

    Raid Rules The Pit (T7 Heroic): as often as possible, 3+ times a week, STRICT 24 hour 0 damage period. We run Rancor on a rotating time basis, so all members get a fair chance! Raid times are 8:00 Am, 1:00 PM, 7:00 PM, & 10 PM

    Raid Rules Tank Takedown (Normal): all the time, Free For All

    Chat Apps: Discord is mandatory

    Earning guild coins is a must! We are gearing up for our first Heroic Tank raid which is planned for the end of the month!

    PM me on the forums or message me on discord at Lion Harte#2489, my ally code is 464-597-399
    or message the guild leader on discord at darc mesjean#9638

  • The new Dutch raiders is looking for you!


    Heroic Rancor; AAT; TB and lots of fun!
    Send a request to 859-197-191 or PM me

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