Normal Tank Takedown Guilds Recruiting Players


  • Agamek recruits new players !
    We are a guild centered on an IRL group of french friends who started the game last July. We play the game the hard way, without lvl 85 to power leveling us and aims at reaching the top by ourself. Core team is between 60 and 80
    We use a discord to share informations, and also are very active. We are recruiting players of any level willing to share this game experiment, who is active (not as much as us, don't worry) and friendly. No other restrictions.
    We currently farm 16k tickets per day and farm Rancor T5 each 3 days, T6 soon. 6 stars on TB. You won't get your GK and Han shards the easy way coming with us. Though, we will have more pride when earning it ! Come and join us.
    Leader : Aomey
    Contact me on reddit, SWGOH forums by MP Ally code : 244 – 259 – 448
    Discord on invitation
  • Join the Ghosts of Sparta today!

    We currently have around 10 spare spaces and want to max out for TB.
    We also want people to contribute towards HAAT when we start that.
    We are a friendly guild and our only ask if that you contribute. Hit me up on here if you are interested!
    Alternatively, hit me up on Discord: Don Pedro X#5134
    PS. Please don't message me asking if we want to join an Alliance or if we want to join you because that's not what this post is asking. We want to integrate 10 into our guild.
    We are good, and joining with us would be good for you.
  • Latvian Riflemen
    Latvian Riflemen is searching for new members to advance in Territory battles. We have 32 (29 active) members at the moment and enough of free space.
    Time zone: UTC+02 DET
    Chat language:
    • Latvian (primary)
    • we also understand English and Russian
    • We are currently migrating chat to discord (Anhair#6063) for Territory battle coordination
    • We use an experimental google sheet for guild roster for Territory battles
    • Heroic Rancor raid has 100k damage limit first day (may be subject to change)
    • Heroic Rancor second day starts when Raid Tickets are collected
    • Dropout inactivity period: minimum more than week, maximum - month
    • We recomend to collect at least 500 Raid Tickets per day
    • Have fun
    • The Pit: Heroic
    • AAT: Tier VI, moving to Heroic once we have enough damage
    • Raids are typically launched as soon as available
    Territory Battles
    • Last result achieved: 11 stars, planning to reach 15
    • Current guild GP: 20.4M (08.09.2017)
    Recomended minimum player levels: 70+, at least one 7* team.
  • MikeSkyWalker
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    Been debating leaving your dud guild? You should. Do not waste any more of your time falling behind in an inactive guild.

    We are a guild that has 46/50 members producing 26k raid tix per day!!! We can also tier 7 daily guild activity.

    We need four more members who are level 80+, will get their 600 daily raid tix, and are willing to join discord for guild communication.

    We have a 24 hour no damage Rancor Rule so that everyone can get rewards. If you do not understand this rule, no problem at all, we will explain it to you :)

    We have members from all over the world! Because of this, we rotate our raid start times. The start times are posted in 4 different timezones on Discord and in game chat.

    Very chatty and friendly guild. About 2 weeks away from starting Haat. We work together as a team VERY well!

    Message me on here to get in. Only 4 spots left!


    635-969-644. If I see an ally request in the game, from someone without a guild, I will know it is someone from here wanting into the guild. I'll promptly send a guild invite. Don't worry, I am not the most powerful member in the guild :smiley:

    I promise you that you will NOT regret joining our extremely active guild.
  • Relentless is currently seeking active players looking to make the leap to HAAT.

    Our core has been together since the beginning of guilds, and while our moto is that real life comes first we also want to be able to push forward, so we are looking for active players to replace those that have fallen out of the game.

    Lower levels are welcome, we enjoy teaching people how to succeed, but we do require that you pay attention to chat. We use line, it is not required, but it is highly encouraged.

    We have members from all of the US time zones, while we welcome anyone from any part of the world, generally those from outside of those time zones have a hard time with our raid schedule, so be warned.

    Basic Rules:

    The pit is run on heroic with a 24 0 damage registration window starting at 7pm EDT.

    Treat everyone with respect.

    Contribute raid tickets daily. We aren't going to kick you if you aren't maxing out, but if your last activity gets to high we're gonna have to part ways.

    Message me here or find jeb192004 in line with questions. We can take singles or groups of people.

  • Ryn's World is recruiting seven dedicated players to an active, supportive guild. Looking for players that can produce 500-600 raid tickets a day, coordinate on Discord and help fellow guild mates improve.
    A few details:
    We currently run Heroic Pit every 3-4 days with a 12-24 hour no damage registration. After that, it is FFA. We complete the raid in 1-3 hours. With more tickets we will run it more often.
    We are currently clearing the normal AAT in 3-4 days and looking to move to the HAAT. We are in need of strong rosters that can help us towards that goal.
    500-600 raid tickets a day is strongly desired as we are looking to launch raids more frequently. We understand that life sometimes gets in the way. Do what you can to contribute.
    We have active and responsive officers. Guild members go out of their way to help with advice and gear donations. It is a seriously good group of players!
    If interested, message me here or shoot me a PM on discord. Will respond asap. This is an ideal guild for someone that is approaching end game levels but still wants to get good positions in the raids.
    Discord: Dennis#1464
    Please send your ally code/SWGOH username
    Player Level
    Arena Rank
    Arena Squad Average Daily raid tickets
    Characters with Zeta abilities (not a requirement)
    Thanks for reading and hope you can join us!
  • Feral Rancors is a friendly, and mature guild looking for new level 80+ members
    Time Zone: US EDT.
    Raid Rules The Pit (T7 Heroic): as often as possible, 3+ times a week, STRICT 24 hour 0
    damage policy. We run Rancor on a rotating time basis, so all members get a fair chance! Raid times are 8:00 Am, 1:00 PM, 7:00 PM, & 10 PM
    Raid Rules Tank Takedown (Normal): As often as possible, Free For All
    Chat Apps: Discord is mandatory
    Earning guild coins is a must! We are gearing up for our first Heroic Tank raid which is planned for the end of the month!
    PM me on the forums or message me on discord at Lion Harte#2489, my ally code is 464-597-399
    or message the guild leader on discord at darc mesjean#9638
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    Raiders of the Lost Boss

    Looking for some German/English speaking players who like to participate in a guild that has fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Most players live in european timezones
    • At the moment we run Heroic Pit twice a week with a 24 hour no damage registration.
    • We run AAT as soon as we have enough tickets.
    • With a few more members HAAT won't be a problem.
    • We use slack to coordinate HAAT preparation and territory battles.

    So if you're level 80+ and generate 300+ tickets feel free to join or message me.
    Ally Code 584-353-773

    Check out our HP
  • Order of Reapers is looking for good players to help fill our ranks. We use Line please contact me there if you are interested i also have discord but don't use it much.

    Min level of 60
    500 points daily:
    5pm pst raid times
    Current raids are:
    24 hr registration on Heroic Rancor
    FFA on opening of NAAT

    Leader: Reaper

    Line ID: xiluin

    Discord: Xiluin#3182

    Ally code: 548-433-529
  • Ghosts of Malachor five
    is a guild made of the majority of the remaining members of another guild whose officers left in search of an HAAT guild. Our previous guild was doing heroic rancor with no problems whatsoever, and almost all of our heavy hitters moved to this new guild. We are all level 80+ but will accept lower level recruits, as power isn't our current issue. We just need more active people who can help us to produce the tickets needed to raid frequently, and with the advent of TB, guilds absolutely need to be near the 50 member limit to succeed. We are a laid back, but very active guild. Anyone joining would be expected to be active as well. If you are interested in joining, just look up our guild: Ghosts of Malachor five. Accepting all levels players, no 600 ticket goals, no mandatory Chat apps etc. Just be laid back and active and have some fun!!
    Starting T6 Rancor tonight hurry up and join!!
    Ally code: 446-329-831
  • Our guild, Edge of the Void, is looking for a few recruits.

    Guild Name: Edge of the Void

    About Our Guild: Our guild has been around for about a year now. We currently have 46/50 members, having purged a couple players who couldn't comply with raid rules or went inactive. All but one of our members are level 85. We've got a good mix of high-end players along with a number who are developing their teams. Everybody gets along. We've got a lot of generous donators, and our crew is great with roster-building advice and battle-strategy. We're looking to fill out the rest of our guild with active, impactful players. Our members average approximately 29 7-stars each, and approximately 965,000 Galactic Power per member. Total Galactic Power is just over 44.4 million. The daily refresh is 6:30 p.m. pacific.

    Rancor Raid: We currently run Heroic Rancor Raids exclusively. We typically rotate starting times of 10:00 a.m. (pacific) and 6:30 p.m. (pacific). For Rancor Raids, our only raid rules are: (1) Mandatory 24-hour Zero Damage period on Rancor Raids, followed by free for all; (2) players with a full 7-star Raid Han must stay out of a top 3 finish to allow everyone to acquire Han; and (3) if you hit the Rancor for more than 1 million, just use one squad (or if you use multiple squads, once your last squad surpasses 1 million).

    Tank Raid: For AAT, we typically run normal AAT (and finish in less than 48 hours, closer to 24 hours). We have also occasionally dipped our toes into HAAT and completed with some assistance. No restrictions on AAT raid.

    Roster Requirements: We don't have super-strict requirements, but we do want to make sure that anyone joining is a good fit for our guild, and that our guild is a good fit for each new recruit. To that end, we ask that any new recruits have a minimum of 15 7-star characters and a minimum of 800,000 total Galactic Power.

    Activity Requirements: We're looking for players that play no less than daily. We don't have a strict raid ticket requirement (we understand that life happens), but do evaluate each player's contribution on a weekly basis and ask that people generate a minimum of 400 tickets/day. Raid contribution is highly encouraged. Territory Battle contribution is mandatory, as rewards are based on each player's contribution. Players who are inactive for more than 2 days without notifying the guild are booted.

    Mol Eliza Policy: Our final rule is: no Mol Eliza's. We are sick of seeing that name and find that people who don't take the time to make a unique name usually don't participate socially or follow rules. If you are currently a "Mol Eliza" and want to join, think up a cool name and change it.

    Third party chat: We use Discord for offline chat. Discord is not mandatory but it is highly encouraged.
    If you're interested in joining up, message me through the forums or on Discord (preferred) or shoot me an ally invite through the game:

    Ming the Insatiable
    Ally Code: 182-733-465
    Discord ID: MingtheInsatiable#9687
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    People writing books on here..I'm gonna keep it simple.

    Level 85 required. GP for characters needs to be 750k at least.
    No external chat apps required currently
    24hr sacrifice on raids
    Heroic Pit
    Normal Tank (We can do normal in under 2.5hr if want. Close to heroic...get to p3. We have some good p4 teams...gotta work on p3!)
    Looking for regular daily players
    After last TB (24*), we are overhauling on non-regulars as we should've had 25 at least. Want people that contribute daily to TB and play in general to get raid tickets...not just leech rewards off others work.

    Look-up 'RxGuild' on the Guild search if interested.
  • Any Singaporean or SEA/Australian GMT + 8 or +6/7/9/10 guilds we are looking for newly competitive players/guilds ( 1st 7* or 1st 6*) to join us and grow together
  • Guild Vancouver is looking to merge guild, we have 6-8 spots currently available.
    We are looking for active member, the level doesn't really matter, we just want you to get 400 guild tickets/day.
    We currently raid heroic rancor twice a week, and we are trying heroic aat this monday.
    We use line as a chat room, you can PM me here or add me: 228-168-616, line ID
    We do a zero damage for the firs 24h of rancor to make sure everyone gets a reward and han solo shards, and then finish it in usually 15 mins. And we want to reach tear 7 for the daily guild activities.
    You don't have to be crazy commited, we just want active member.
  • We're Fun Squad! We're fun, friendly, cooperative and like to exchange ideas and strategies. We want to grow stronger together and enjoy our game! Most of us are level 85 but we welcome all players even at lower level. As long as you have 1 7* character to participate in the raid you can join us today!

    Heroic rancor rules: 24h/0 damage,then 1 (team) attack each, start time: 19:00 UTC
    Normal tank: ffa
    Guild activities reset: 17:30 UTC

    We also use line app to communicate outside the game. It's highly recommended in order to coordinate for TB.
    We only ask you contribute 600 energy so we can raid as often as we can and progress faster.

    If you're an active individual player or a small group of friends, PM me.
    Thanks :)
  • Redback Legion, an Australian/NZ guild mainly in the AEST timezone, is looking for a few people as we clear out some dead weight, there can be 15-20 spots available.
    We are looking for active members at decent levels, don't need to be the highest level but we would like the new members to be able to help us complete HAAT. We feel we are close and just need some more good players to help out the top rosters and get the damage required.
    We currently raid heroic rancor 2-3 times a week, and NAAT 2 times a week, close to HAAT.
    We use line for most communication but also use in game chat for those that haven't joined line.
    We do a zero damage for the first 24h of HRancor. Also have just started 24h zero damage on NAAT, due to finishing it so quick at midnight reset.
    We are looking for players who are keen to progress and grow your rosters with the rest of us as we start farming HAAT and get those stars in TB. Need to be active at least once everyday to do dailies and contribute to TB.

    PM me on here or send me a message on Line: NathanKUT
  • We are committed but not obsessive. We currently have 6 openings. Heroic Rancor on farm with 24 hour no damage period. NAAT on farm but moving to HAAT soon. We only got 13* on TB but we've added over 20 players since then. I'm expecting 30 stars next week. You can help us reach even higher. 600 tickets a day is strongly encouraged but not required. Search Starwolf
  • Lords of light is recruiting for normal AAT raiding with the view to get to HAAT through recruitment.
    Keen progression through territory battles.

    Guild Name - Lords of light
    Timezone - Mix of European and American players
    Rancor raid - T6 with a clear view to push on to T7 heroic
    Rules - Chilled guild without set rules. However, we are looking for active, lvl 80+ players. Try to spend 600 energy each day to ensure raids can be summoned frequently. Have fun!

    If you are interested in joining please search for Lords of light on guild search > advanced search. Thanks!

    Ally code - 451-199-134
  • DziNeIT
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    Surprised Survivors is recruiting. We have 37 members, 34 million Galactic Power and are capable of clearing the Heroic Rancor raid very quickly. Our next AAT raid is planned to be an attempt at the Heroic tier, and will be kicking off in a few days. We managed 16 stars on TB.

    Send me a PM to join, open to any players who are fairly active and have at least a few toons capable of contributing to HAAT - we don't have strict level or roster requirements. Note that our playerbase is mostly UK-based.

    We don't require daily activity, but ask that any prolonged absence is explained beforehand.

    In the Rancor raid, we have a 24 hour no damage policy to allow everyone to register a zero score to receive the rewards, as once the raid is open for damage we typically get through it in around an hour.

    In normal AAT, we have a one team only policy for P2 and P4 (this obviously does not apply to Heroic).
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  • DarthKals Guild looking for active members to join us.

    We are a very friendly and helpful low pressure guild. Great group of members from all over the globe. We have a nice mix of heavy hitters and casual but committed members and are looking to add strong active players with versatile rosters for TB and HAAT. 10 of us have been together in this guild since guilds were formed in the game. We have several sub 100 arena rank members and are willing and able to assist with gear donations and advice/instruction to maximize your arena payouts, shard and mod farming and overall squad strengths.

    We have had to remove several members recently due to inactivity.

    Level 70 and up preferred but are willing to take on some lower level active players as well.

    We currently have room for up to 21 players (can drop a few alt accounts as well if necessary)

    30 days no activity results in removal unless notified in advance (we realize real life happens!)

    Average 8-10K raid tickets per daily with our current 20 consistently active players

    Activity is required and appreciated but no pressure to meet 600 tickets per day. Would like to see at least 400 per member but are flexible.

    We use Discord and in game chat for communication

    We have several level 85 players that range from just under 1 million GP to over 1.5 million GP.

    TB 11* (could have been 12)

    GP 21.5 m

    Heroic Pit - 24 hr. zero damage rule so that everyone gets in on rewards, we can complete entire raid in 30 minutes or less (have a few members that can solo entire raid)

    NAAT - Level 6 on the verge of HAAT (can complete entire level 6 raid in one character refresh cycle)

    Guild member allies have access to CLS at gear 12 with all 3 zeta abilities and Kylo Ren at gear 12 and Zeta'd to help with your light and dark side level 9 battles and grow your squads.

    Come check us out!

    PM me, send me an ally request or friend request me on discord if you are interested in joining us!

    Guild Leader is me: Sithtricity
    Ally Code: 361-917-949
    Discord: sithtricity#1615
  • We are a new guild looking to bolster our numbers. We have a few heavy hitters and can complete the heroic rancor. Looking to complete heroic aat when we fill our empty spots. We are in the mountain time zone and use discord. If you want a relaxed environment with a good group of guys then look no further. PM if you would like to join all are welcome.
  • UTC +3 guild, t7r/naat, building to haat. Looking to bring in 10-15 players. We are part of a three guild community that has two haat guilds, we recently promoted 10M GP to one of the haat guilds. UTC +3, +60M GP, the other Zulu -5, +83M GP. PM me if interested. Thank you for your time. Discord: @Snakefinger#4842 Line: benbova1138
  • CaptinHairybely
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    Victors are recruiting!

    Very friendly active guild looking to recruit players to build towards HAAT.

    We have a 24hr registration period for Heroic Rancor (20:00 GMT) - This gives everyone a chance to get on the sheet for rewards as the Rancor gets smashed in around 30 mins (we have a number of members who can solo).

    NAAT for now, but are looking to move on to HAAT in the future.

    12 stars in TB - this will increase as communication is better now!

    We have a large amount of 85+ players who are happy to donate gear. We believe the guild gets stronger if we work together!

    We use Discord for comms - join us at

    If you're an active player like we are, drop in and say herro!

  • SIGMA ALLIANCE Epsilon is looking for a few more members to fill up our last couple open spots before the next TB begins!

    About Us:
    - Primarily USA East Coast members (3:30pm EDT guild refresh, 8:30pm EDT pit raids)
    - Currently running hRancor & T6 AAT (hAAT is probably a couple months away)
    - 16 stars in last TB and expecting 17+ next TB
    - More info on our guild:
    - Our current roster:

    About who we're looking for:
    - 500,000+ total GP preferred
    - Able to commit to 3500 tickets/week minimum contribution
    - Discord users willing to be an active member of our vibrant community

    SIGMA ALLIANCE Epsilon is part of the SIGMA family of guilds, which is a cluster member of the ALLIΔNCE gaming community. Please check out our website for more information:

    We are a tight-knit family of guys and gals that love Star Wars and enjoy gaming. We're pretty serious about swgoh, but also realize real life comes first. We have a very active Discord server, and being part of SIGMA, we have tons of resources and more experienced members to kick ideas around with, swap stories with, and discuss swgoh strategies with.

    If you are interested, please contact me here or on Discord (@Seeterio#7025).

    If you don’t meet the requirements outlined above (or are looking for a stronger guild than Epsilon), SIGMA has many other guilds, and we're always open to welcoming new members!
  • 5kyguy
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    We are small but powerful and a place we're players can enjoy the game without stressing out.

    Our players range from level 60-85. I would recommend that you have at least one 7* hero or to be very close. As our goals for the future will be to do HAAT.

    At the moment we do NAAT and T6. One of our players can solo T6, but we aren't ready for T7 just yet.

    7/13 are level 80+(4/7 are 85)
    4 are level 70+
    2 level 60+

    TB - we don't know how we are going to preform as we have had some very strong new players

    message me on here or add me as a friend 786-869-815
    We have an optional line chat and I'll start a discord if we have an demand for it.
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  • exquisite Jedis are looking for about 10 more members. We are a chill guild but having fun also means getting some wins.

    We do heroic rancor about 2x a week and are almost at HAAT. With a few more members we will be there.

    We use line chat app for communication, we are mostly West Coast CA (PST) , and want strong 85 lvl PLAYERS who get their dailies.

    Our only rules are to be respectful, play, get your dailies, and follow any raid rules. But there aren't many. We work to make sure everyone can grow. You can hit me up on line app if needed. ID: filique
  • Join "Force and Destiny"

    We are based on central time(GMT-5)

    our guild is a casual guild all we ask is that your active and progressing. we are recently down on members and would like to refill our ranks for the territory battles. we do not require use of any third party apps currently seeking players level 75+ and running heroic rancor and normal tank raids(aspirations for heroic but not there as of yet) as tickets are available Wednesdays and Saturdays starting at 7:30pm

    my ally code is 242-128-917

  • Order of Reapers is looking for good players to help fill our ranks. We use Line please contact me there if you are interested i also have discord but don't use it much.

    Looking for small guilds too join up with us and make OOR stronger.

    Min level of 60
    500 points daily:
    5pm pst raid times
    Current raids are:
    24 hr registration on Heroic Rancor
    FFA on opening of NAAT

    Leader: Reaper

    Line ID: xiluin

    Discord: Xiluin#3182

    Ally code: 548-433-529
  • LongEwoksOnTheBeach is a newly formed guild with 18 players now and is recruiting players. We are casual, but would like active players to help fill up our guild. We do have some high level players, but a mix all the way down to level 53.

    We are a PST (West coast USA) guild.

    We have a 24-hour low damage rule for Heroic Rancor Raid to ensure everyone gets a reward.

    Free for all on the Normal AAT.

    Raids will generally start around 6 pm PST/PDT.

    We have no minimums.

    Do a guild search for LongEwoksOnTheBeach

    We use the in game messenger app and have a very simple set of coordination rules for territory battles.

    Or you can find me at my ally code: 499-423-169
  • FE4R and LO4THING

    Currently recruiting players of all levels...

    We are an experienced guild with many level 85 veteran players and will happily coach and help all players to build up their the moment we have 40/50 members...

    FE4R and LO4THING is primarily an eastern time zone North America and raids are launched at approximately at 20:00hrs...Heroic raids are 0 damage the 1st 24hrs...

    Do a guild search for FE4R and LO4THING

    my ally code is: 482-555-984

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