Roster Refresh Exploit

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We have received a significant volume of reports concerning guild members engaging in a heroic raid, switching to another heroic, and then switching back to their old guild, which results in the roster fully resetting. Over 400 players have been confirmed to have abused the above exploit. Due to this, our team has deemed it prudent to not only take action to discourage this behavior, but announce the following actions for transparency.

A temporary suspension will be issued to all members found to be engaging in this type of behavior. Please note exploiting a bug is something we will always take action on and can lead to an account suspension and/or permanent ban. As a reminder, detailing reports of this type should not be posted on the forums, but we encourage you to please send a message to @CG_LucifersDaddy with details on why you think someone is cheating, your ally code and the name of the suspected cheater.

In order to take steps in rectifying this issue, we have made the following changes:
  • the Player Roster’s state is remembered and saved when a player leaves the Guild, returns, and attempts to participate in the Raid again.
  • Gamedata change to only give rewards for the top 50 positions in a Raid. The raid prize tab will be updated to show no prizes for ranks 51+ and players who rank 51+ will receive a message saying that they did not receive rewards.

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