Arena tokens

Enyone else having problems with arena tokens? I just lost 400 doing nothing?


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    And my keycard seems to disapear from day to day to, without jusing them?
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    Key cards are only temporary. Just get a new one each day. I guess it's so you can't stock up a ton of them for when they finally make the keycard battles worthwhile. Besides, it lasts for an hour. If you are going to do the battles, then you are also probably buying energy as well and an hour is more than enough time.

    As far as arena tokens are concerned, I'm guessing you bought something and forgot. I haven't seen any other posts about disappearing tokens, and haven't experienced it myself. Not to say it isn't happening though. But I'd bet that you bought something. Submit a ticket if you are sure you didn't and they can see if you actually bought something or if they disappeared into a black hole.
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