Chromium 8 pack champion dupe and missing shards

I've filed 3 bug reports so far and have had no responses. I've had it happen at least three times where I buy a 8 pack of Chromium cards. I'll get two of the same champ in the 8-pack, by way of shards or actually rolling the champion, but the second set of shards never gets added. They just don't get applied. I just had two champs "duped" in one 8-pack, and both second sets of shards went missing again! PLEASE look into this and PLEASE get back to me


  • They should have logs showing your purchase along with what shards you received so to me, this should be an easily fixable problem in my eyes. Whenever you have a digital product that has IAP, there should always be systems in place for client side issues so when things like this occur, they can simply update your account, end of story...
  • I've posted this issue as well. Have had it happen a couple time myself. For the money I've spent already it sure would be nice to see something happen about it.
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