Galactic war issue

I'm on battle 9 of 12 in the galactic war all 5 opponents are level 60 purple. I just hit level 47. This cannot possibly be as intended.


  • I saw this today as well and I couldn't finish the GW today...but I think it can be overcome with depth. Once your team is wiped out, any damage done on the enemy carries over. So even if your first team is overwhelmed, a 2nd wave of your heroes can come in fresh. The tricky part is having 2 or even 3 possibly viable sets of teams. That's the approach I'm taking when I come up against a super beast team like what you mention above. Until we get to lvl 60 / purple as well, have to approach it in waves.

    I like the challenge right now. No challenge = boring game.
  • lvl 60s, dang, thought I had it rough at 46 vs 56, 5 & 6 *s with purple gear in battle 6 of this new campaign I just started. I went from facing 39, 40, 43, 47, 45 to 56?
    I don't mind a challenge but when my 5 highest rated characters can't make a dent, not much hope for the rest of my squads vs. that lineup. I could understand facing a few levels higher toward the end, but 10 levels higher half way through, please tell me this is a bug. If not, geesh, guess I'll do what I can, plug away, and hope for better luck with the draws.
    "That is why you fail."
  • Ok, found a work around strategy. Retreat is a useful tool in galactic war. Took some luck but took down the 56 squad with lvl 40-45 characters. Took a few engagements and retreats but got it done, only lost two characters.
    "That is why you fail."
  • What is this bull? facing opponents 20 lvls higher. This is ridiculous plz fix this nonsense
  • I'm having a similar issue, though not as bad. I'm 44 and getting matched against a 57 player.

  • Actually scratch that, made it past the 2 level 57s (which had terrible teams/gear) and now I'm matched against a level 60 with 4 purples. This is ridiculous. How am I supposed to beat this at level 44?

  • So stupid…and frustrating
  • Fix this broken crap EA. I'm only on battle #4 and versing someone 10 levels higher than me with better gear. 2nd day in a row this has happened. With shards, credits and ability tokens locked up in this broken AF minigame it's not fair to have some players simply unable to compete due to your matchmaking failures.
  • Same issues as everyone else here is encountering. I don't mind going up against a team 3 or 4 levels higher a couple of times, but my 46's against 60's? I barely lasted 2 rounds. On top of it, I had everything on cooldown because I just beat a 54 team at great cost. This is as **** as **** gets.
  • Saw this for the first time today. The second half of Galactic War was ridiculous. How does it select these opponents? I was going up against teams where every single one of the enemy team one-shot my characters. It's been challenging to finish the last few times, and had to use retreats and my entire team. But today was simply unwinnable.
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