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Hello all,

I've only been playing a couple weeks. I THINK I noticed when I upgraded my Chewy starting character to 4* after farming shards for him that the modifiers for leveling up a level increased? Is that right? If that's true would it not make sense to hold off on training your characters as much as you can until you've farmed shards to increase their star level?

If there is an advantage to be had here I think I'm in trouble. I've already leveled my starting toons to 40+ :(


  • The modifiers apply retroactively and you gain no benefit from holding off.
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  • Sweet. Tx for the reply DrPancakes. That's a relief. What about players that hit level cap though and have no way for any star increase to retroactively apply boosts? Does the toon "baseline" once a star is obtained? That would make that issue irrelevant.
  • BTW it's pretty cool there doesn't seem a way to screw up your toons due to how they've done this. Nobody likes having squishy toons in games like this due to making mistakes whilst learning how the game works.
  • I'm not sure I understand your question. But I'll take a shot. Say you are level 70 with 4500 power fully equipped gear at six stars. When you eventually hit 7 your new modifiers will apply to your total stats land will probably up your power by a few hundred :)

    And yes it's very cool how they made it so simple. This really is a great game
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