Event Information (UPDATE 5/3)

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Hiya Everyone,

Here is a list of all upcoming events. Cheers!


Daring Droid (VERY rare event!)
  • Starts: May 4th
  • Ends: May 10th
  • Min Level Requirement: 20 for Tier 1. Level recommendation rises with each subsequent tier
  • Notes: Requires Empire Characters

Omega Battles- Jakku
  • Starts: May 6th
  • Ends: May 6th
  • Notes: Requires Nightsisters, Jawa

Omega Battles: Hoth
  • Starts: May 7th
  • Ends: May 7th
  • Notes: Requires Scoundrels & First Order

Emperors Demise
  • Starts May 11th
  • Ends: May 17th

Assault Battles: Military Might
  • Starts: May 13th
  • Ends: May 14th
  • Notes: Requires Rebels, Clones

Omega Battles: Empire
  • Starts: May 20th
  • Ends: May 20th
  • Notes: Requires Resistances & Clone Troopers

Omega Battles: Endor
  • Starts: May 21st
  • Ends May 21st
  • Notes: Requires Sith & Droids

Upcoming Event Series
  • Starts: May 25th

Assault Battles: Forest Moon
  • Starts: May 27th
  • Ends: May 28th
  • Notes: Requires Empire or Droids
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