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Hey Everyone,

Here is a list of all upcoming events. Cheers!


Yoda Event
  • Starts: April 13th
  • Ends: April 19th

Rise Together/Stand Together
Starts: April 13th
Ends: April 19th
Min Lv Required: 30
Notes: Requires Phoenix Squadron. Additionally, you must complete Tier 4 of Rise Together to unlock Stand Together. This runs for the same duration as Rise.

Assault Battles: Ground War
  • Starts: April 15th
  • Ends: April 16th
  • Min Lv Required: 75
  • Notes: Requires Ugnaught, Ewoks, and/or Resistance

Elite Combat I
  • Starts: April 20th
  • Ends: April 22nd
Elite Combat II
  • Starts: April 22nd
  • Ends: April 24th

Omega Battles: Hoth
  • Starts: April 22nd
  • Ends April 22nd
  • Min Lv Required: 30

Omega Battles: Jakku
  • Starts: April 23rd
  • Ends April 23rd
  • Min Lv Required: 30

Elite Combat III
Starts: April 27th
Ends: April 29th

Assault Battle #4: Places of Power
  • Starts: April 29th
  • Ends: April 30th
  • Min lv Required: 75
  • Notes: Requires First Order, Sith
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