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    I find it odd that so many significant and reported bugs on heroes abilities remain unchanged, whilst unreported things like a description for a Lobot ability that has zero impact on the game seems to get priority.

    Gonna second this hope that some major fixes to ai gameplay and decision making as well as ability bug fixes occur in the coming patch. Hope this was just a teaser.

    yea When i saw the Lobot description fix, i was lmao, No were on forums was this ever discussed, let alone be of any importance. There obviously afraid of making any real changes to broken toons.Frist order pilot Has Crazy amounts of health at star level 7, They have not fix this, Also some other toons who are not tanks, get this outrages Hp boost at 7 stars.

    They can't make changes because all of the comments are in Farsi.
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    I've heard people around the forum mentioning a big update coming out soon? Is this a fact or speculation?? If so where can I read/find out for myself in the future?
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    anyone know how much this crystal pack in australia? thanks

    Way too much, 16.99 is overpriced and will be a flop here in Australia.
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    So far, I've managed not to spend anything on this game.
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    I wish the character mods were more defined. The character icon displays a flashing red symbol but when I enter to check, I have to "dig around" to see what can be crafted. How about a separate location for crafts?
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    So as it may be hard for most of you to see but everything in this world cost money. There are lots of ways to get it. When EA added advertisements to the game, everyone complained for a week talking about how they were going to delete the game and never play again. Also as most people have noticed that the most OP chars are crystal bought only. And now the new pack prices. You all want updates and bug fixes? You want cheaters and hackers delt with? Well all of it takes time and money. Someone has to get paid to fix it. So if you don't wanna spend a lot of money on packs, then be a F2P player from now on. Don't say you would buy if they make it cheaper, cause their not going to. Spend or don't spend. In the end when the game stops making money, it will close like all others do and you'll never play it again. So just enjoy it while you have it.
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