HRS or JS farming

I'm wondering which toon I should get in the Cantina shipment. I've got already CT-5555, Ahsoka, QGJ 7* and finishing Old Daka. I'm interested by both JS and HRS. That's a long time that I haven't read the HRS abilities and he sounds like being a good TM provider. He can fit in a lot of situation, also to complete my Rebel team (Lando, Leia, STHan, Scarif).

I'm interested by JS to start a Jawa team, mainly for the crit. dmg mods since I will also soon farm Datcha in GW shipment and I have Jawa 5*.

What's your opinion ?


  • JS first. HRSc is a pretty good toon, but even in a Rebel team has been replaced by several others. JS is incredibly important for not just crit dmg challenge battles, but also the new raid. I've yet to see a "go-to" team that involves HRSc.
  • I currently am farming a HRScout but that was bc if a palp event came I would be missing 1 toon for 7*. Welp that Scarif came to a node :'(. He isn't bad but he doesn't shine that much in comparison. I usually replace him with anakin or phasma in arena
  • yeah, JS was also my first idea. I forgot that I have Biggs 7* for my Rebel team :-) Just need to improve SRP.

    I give it a go for JS.
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