I didn't get my gems

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Greetings Heroes,

We wanted to take a moment to let you all know that we’ll be making the highly requested Daily Crystal Booster Packs available to players. The Pack we are offering will deliver 100 Crystals to your inbox every day for 21 days, including 100 Crystals immediately upon purchase! This bonus value is more than 149% of the standard price if you collect your Crystals every day. Once you have purchased the pack you will have until midnight each day to collect your daily Crystals from your inbox. Late redemption will result in forfeiture of the previous day’s Crystal entitlement.

The only requirement is that players will need to have purchased at least $4.99 worth of content from the shop to see this offer. This could have been the Dark Side Starter pack, the Bag of Crystals (610 Crystals) or any of the previously offered Daily Crystal Booster Packs. Once that condition has been met you will see the option to purchase the Daily Crystal Booster Pack.

We also wanted to let you know that this offer will be permanent and re-purchasable, so don’t worry, it’s here to stay :)

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I didn't get my immediate gems


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